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3 Ways to Rock a Pixie Wig

Pixie Wig

Pixie wigs don’t have any restrictions. They can draw attention to your facial characteristics, such as prominent cheekbones, and give your look an effortlessly chic feel. Women can easily vary their appearance with this wig style’s incredible versatility. You may look stylish and fun with the correct tools and techniques when sporting a pixie cut. Continue reading to find out how to style a pixie wig the best!

Curly Pixie Wigs

Pixie cut wigs can be curled, as can a pixie cut wig. Shaping Creme is one of the top styling products. To get the best grip on these short locks, run fingers through the hair using a wig-style product. Then, using a medium-sized curling iron, wrap hair around the rod as closely as possible to the root. Just anticipate getting the hair halfway around; it shouldn’t go all the way. The locks should be divided into three-inch pieces to avoid a striking appearance. Gently tousle hair.

Layered Pixie Cut Wig

After taking a brief hiatus in the 2000s, choppy layers are back in fashion. This iconic 1990s hairstyle is playful and flirtatious. Use your Shaping Creme to create the choppy, layered pixie cut.

  • To cut through strands, start with a quantity around the size of a dime. The hair can be moist or dry.
  • Then, with your hands, bun hair randomly all around the piece.
  • After that, you can create a more “pieces” look by twirling your hair around your fingers. Don’t be timid either—the more choppy the appearance, the better!

The Sleek and Swooped Pixie Cut

These days, many women choose the chic, swoopy pixie style. Miley Cyrus, Scarlett Johannsen, and Rhianna are examples of celebrities who wear this look. The pixie cut wigs may need to be altered by a hairstylist into an asymmetrical style with this haircut. But you may still wear the sleek and swooping style with a symmetrical cut. Before cutting your wig with scissors, you should get the advice of a hairstylist since you don’t want to come too close to the cap because the hair doesn’t grow back.

Work the styling product through the hair once you have the pixie’s ideal length, cut, and proportions. Deeply part the hair to one side, then separate the strands. If you have bangs, you can frame your face by letting them dangle over the brow bone. Tucking the front parts behind the ear is a fantastic alternative.

These short-cut styling ideas can give your daily appearance a fresh, contemporary feel. A wig may be the answer you need if you’ve ever wondered how you’d look with short hair! Long hair needs to be cut off with great commitment. Using a wig while you wait for your hair to regrow is a great transitional option if you are undergoing a therapy that causes hair loss.

Look at the pixie cut wigs on With short pixie wigs, you may go short without making the commitment of cutting! has picture-perfect short pixie cut wig designs that suit your face shape, from sleek to layered to pieces to wavy. Shop pixie wigs immediately to get the best deal online on the appearance of your dreams!

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