5 Best Tips To Improve Amazon Seller Rating In 2022

5 Simple Strategies To Improve Amazon Seller Rating

Did you know the eCommerce industry is estimated to be worth $4.2 trillion globally by 2023?

The eCommerce industry is booming and becoming the future of shopping. That being the reason, millions of sellers are taking their business to Amazon. It means more competition. So, how would you ensure shoppers choose you amidst endless competitors?

The answer is: by gaining recognition as a seller. 

Amazon is a customer-focused marketplace, which is why it only connects shoppers with relevant product pages from high-rated sellers. This seller rating is determined using various parameters. While you have no control over how Amazon rates your seller profile, a little effort to improve your ratings will pay off. Through this guide, we’ll learn what Amazon seller rating is, why it is imperative for Amazon sellers, and the best tips to improve seller scores in the easiest way possible.

What Is Amazon Seller Rating & Why It Is Important?

Amazon seller rating is a measurement system that evaluates the quality of experience sellers provide their customers. It gets determined based on the shoppers’ last 12 months’ feedback. 

Note: Amazon’s best-recommended seller rating is between 95 – 98%. 

Although shoppers can’t easily see sellers’ ratings on the marketplace, that doesn’t mean you stop trying to improve your Amazon seller ratings. 

Improving seller rating is all-important for Amazon sellers. Here’s why.

  • A good seller rating makes you win the buy box- a key to more conversions and sales.
  • It helps you establish yourself as a reliable seller. Shoppers want to buy from a seller having a good star rating. Thus it is best suggested to put in efforts to improve your seller ratings and win shoppers’ trust, which is directly related to profitability.
  • It increases your length of service in the marketplace. The marketplace doesn’t give you 100% access like your own website. Following its rules and giving customers an exceptional shopping experience will help you thrive in the marketplace. That’s a plus! 

How Amazon Calculates Seller Ratings? 

The marketplace considers numerous things before giving sellers a rating. It includes

Sellers must keep all these factors in mind while improving seller ratings to be more competitive on Amazon.

 5 Best Tips To Improve Amazon Seller Rating

#1 Make Things Right With Shoppers 

If a shopper gives you a negative seller review, they want you to address an issue. 

With the right approach, solve their issues and make things work with them. Doing this will even allow you to convince them to rewrite their negative product/service feedback. The marketplace enables customers to revise negative reviews/ratings within 30 days- an opportunity for you to convert negative feedback into a positive one. 

Note: Dealing with negative reviews doesn’t mean defending yourself, finding loopholes, or arguing with the buyer. It means handling the situation and providing customers with a real solution. For instance, if the buyer doesn’t find your product worthy, give them a refund instead of arguing. Here’s what you can do to convert a negative review into a positive one –

  • Acceptance (accept your mistake)
  • Address their frustrations or feelings.
  • Provide the right solution.
  • Apologize 

If you’ve solved the customers’ issue and they seem convinced, politely ask if they’ll consider fixing their negative feedback. Undeniably, many shoppers will refuse or ghost you, but it’s always worth asking.

Note: Ensure you aren’t being pushy or aggressive when asking someone to rewrite or edit a review. That’s against Amazon rules!

#2 Mention Everything In-Detail On Your Amazon Product Pages

If a shopper isn’t happy with the order and feels the product is not up to the mark, there are high chances they’ll leave a negative review on your seller profile- which is every seller’s worst nightmare.

So the best recommendation to not get negative reviews on your seller profile is-

  • Mention everything in detail on your product pages- your product’s unique features, size, color, benefits, model, use, etc. 
  • Add additional product photos and video and even a product demo. 
  • Add size and color charts so shoppers know what they’re getting before clicking the ‘Buy Now’ button.

Note: Your Amazon product page contributes to customer expectations about your product. So, keep the details aligned with the product.

#3 Actively Ask For Reviews/Feedback From Customers

Amazon allows you to ask shoppers to leave reviews/feedback on your profile. When you ask for it, most of the time, you get a positive review. 

But leaving a review on your Amazon seller page isn’t easy for customers- the page is difficult to find. Thus, ensure your review request includes a link that directs to your seller rating page.  

Note: Amazon doesn’t allow freebies, discounts, or coupons in exchange for reviews. You can only request a review through email or by adding a product insert ( a card in the packaging requesting reviews).  It is one of the best practices to get positive reviews and improve seller ratings.

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#4 Ensures Exceptional Customer Support Services

Research has shown that over 33% of customers move to competitors due to bad shopping experiences- a reason why giving exceptional customer support services is imperative for sellers.

But how? Amazon store management isn’t easy: how can you give customers the service they expect?

By hiring professional Amazon virtual assistants.

Action-oriented, flexible problem-solvers Amazon virtual assistants help customers expedite orders and correct post-sale complications. Moreover, free up sellers’ precious time, which they can invest in expanding their business.

#5 Request Amazon To Remove Negative Reviews

Learning from negative reviews and feedback is always best, but what if a review is not right? 

If a review, rating, or feedback is not appropriate or goes against Amazon’s policies, it is best to request the marketplace to remove that particular review.

But the marketplace will only consider removing it if:

  • It uses expletives
  • It’s related to fulfillment by Amazon
  • It holds PII- representation of information that permits an individual’s identity.
  • It’s feedback for a product and not for a seller.

Final Thought 

The giant marketplace Amazon can put your eCommerce business in front of over 310 million active users. But you compete against 9.7 million sellers and can’t afford to leave any stone unturned for better sales and conversions. For this, you need to be highly competitive on Amazon, which means having an excellent seller rating. 

Use the five tips mentioned above and take control of your seller ratings, remove inappropriate reviews/feedback, and thrive on Amazon as a best-rated seller

Summary- If you are looking forward to successfully running your eCommerce business on Amazon & converting leads into customers, improving your Amazon seller rating can be instrumental in specific ways. It serves numerous benefits like better rankings, improved visibility, higher conversion, sales, ROI, and more. Check this write-up and learn the five best tips to improve your Amazon seller rating in 2022 and shape your business.


I am Sophie Hayes, living in California, innovative e-commerce and digital relations manager. Results-driven, problem solver, and goal-oriented. Focusing on bringing creativity and value.

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