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5 Prominent Reasons for Hiring Instagram Marketing Agency for SMBs

With an existing global user base of 1.386 billion, Instagram is one of the most popular social media marketing channels among youths today. Therefore, it is an excellent way to expand your business reach and engagement with targeted customers. Partnering with the best Instagram marketing agency is the best way to connect with prospects and build valuable relationships, and boosts the chances of conversions and sales.

The below reasons describe why small businesses should start Instagram marketing.

More People are using Instagram

As of January 2022, more than half of the global Instagram users are 34 years or younger. It implies that over a billion Instagram users and more than 500 million people check their feed on a regular basis. With that many available prospects, there is a massive opportunity for small businesses to reach specific demographics or ages to promote a product.

Boosts Brand Recognition

As aforementioned, Instagram has more than a billion global users, which means the small business has a better platform to connect to target audience wherever they are, and leverage business opportunities to enhance brand reach. Partnering with a social media marketing agency is a cost-efficient option, which means businesses can grow their brand due to a huge user base.

Other than that, the visual-centric nature of Instagram can instantly help create familiarity with the brand presence and imprints a positive image on the mind of patron, customers, and prospects.

Save Time

With the rapid growth in technologies, numerous businesses, irrespective of size, are embracing social network sites like Instagram or Facebook to reach prospects. However, starting a social media campaign requires steady research and following. Partnering with Instagram marketing experts adopts a strategic approach and can help gain large active users in less time, ultimately saving business time.

Effectively engage with Customers

Instagram is a platform that offers an opportunity to connect and engage with prospects on daily basis. Businesses can get their service/ product from the same channel – it helps them improve the quality. It is a platform where businesses can share recent updates and new brand announcements, ultimately enhancing brand authority. Partnering with a reliable agency can help get more likes, comments, and followers by posting engaging posts and hashtags.

Humanize the Brand

These days the popularity of Instagram is above any other channel. It is a highly visual platform that is perfect for sharing snaps of the background story of a brand. The recent updates like sharing reels (short videos) and stories can give the customers insight into what business is really about. A trusted social media agency can help create brand authorization by providing proper business information on the profile page. Creating a profile on social media reminds the user that they’re dealing with a team of real people, not just a faceless brand.


To sum up, social media is a great way to grow a business regardless of size. However, many people believe that Instagram and Facebook are just other apps for youngsters. But in reality, it is a boon for small businesses that want to reach their target audience without spending any money.

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