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7 Tips For Maintaining Curly Human Braided Hair No Weft

Curly Human Braided Hair

Human braiding hair no weft is one of the best hair extension methods because your hair will be braided, and curly hair extensions will be added. You can get bouncy, seductive, and fashionable hairstyles with braiding bundles. 

You must know it takes years to grow out if you have naturally curly hair. In such cases, always remember that naturally curly human braiding hair no wefts are the solution. 

There are quick and simple solutions to add length to your hair without relaxing or straightening it. The curly hair extensions require tender loving care to preserve their gorgeous spirals. Get the best hair extensions from Hair Factory.

The 7 tips to keep your curly human braiding hair no weft in a healthy state are mentioned in this blog. Take your own time and learn it!.

Use Moisturising Ingredient

Hair products used on curly human braiding hair no weft are just as crucial as those used on natural hair. Natural curly hair extensions are prone to drying, tangling, and frizzing since they do not receive natural oils from the scalp. 

Using moisturizing products, it will help to restore hydration, softness, and shine. Choose a shampoo and conditioner that has ingredients like alcohol and sulfate-free products. 

Avoid protein products because they can make your naturally curly hair extensions matted and tangled.

 Try Co-washing Your Hair Extensions

Co-washing means using only a conditioner and no shampoo while washing your hair extensions. It is an excellent technique to restore hydration and softness to drier hair types, including curly hair extensions. It will avoid stripping the hair with harsh detergents commonly found in shampoos.

When co-washing your curly human braiding hair no weft, use a silicone-free conditioner and moisture-based rather than protein-based. Want to know more about the steps to wash your hair extensions? Soak the hair extensions, apply a generous amount of conditioner from root to tip, and gently clean the hair strands. 

 Avoid Heat Style

 Heating tools will dry out your curly human braiding hair no weft, and your hair will end up in a frizzy, tangled mess and can cause the beautiful curls to lose shape. Use a diffuser on a blow-dryer at low heat to dry your curly hair extensions.

However, an ideal way to dry curly hair extensions is air dry. 

 Finger Brush Your Hair Extension

The curly human braiding hair no weft requires sensitive love and care to keep its curl pattern and structure. Brushing your curly hair extensions while drying can cause frizzing, breakage, shedding, and a loss of their curl pattern. 

Finger brushing is the best for combing any knots and tangles in curly hair extensions. Gently remove tangles from bottom to top with a wide-tooth comb.

 Care Hair Extensions Properly At Night

Sleep on a satin pillow to keep your naturally curly hair extensions in the best shape

Never sleep with clip-in or any other temporary hair extensions. Hang your extensions on a stand or store them in their original package. 

 If you use other committed hair extensions like sew-in and tape-in, make sure to use satin and silk while sleeping to avoid tangling and matting at night. Excessive rubbing on pillow cases will shorten the lifespan of your hair.


Make sure to care for your naturally curly hair extensions to keep them in good shape for longer. Never use heating tools on your hair extensions or use them after applying protective hair spray. Keep your hair moisturized and give good care when sleeping! 

Hair Factory is your solution if you want the finest braiding weaving hair  that will top your expectations!

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