8 Best Astrology Service Providing Site in India 2022

We are all curious about our future at some point in our lives. Some people can foresee the future with the help of mathematical computations. An astrologer is someone who studies planetary occurrences and then creates a chart or figure based on his research. In short, all of this research focuses on the position of the Moon, Sun, and Planets, and their angles at the time of a specific event like birth.

Researchers have introduced Vedic Astrology services as advanced technology. Vedic Astrology is actually based on a technique used throughout the Vedic period. There is no big difference between the old and new methods. However, some people prefer old methods, while others prefer more modern methods.

Astrology-specific websites can provide all of the tests that an astrologer in person can undertake. That is why we have compiled a comprehensive list of the best astrology service websites in India that you can rely on. 


If you believe in the power of Astrology and want to comprehend the hidden signs of your life to get the most out of it, you are at the perfect spot. Betterhalf Astrology Services allows you to influence your destiny by contacting their knowledgeable and skilled astrologers.

Betterhalf provides astrology services based on the people’s requirements. As a result, they provide consumers with a variety of astrology services from which they can pick one. Some of the services they offer include Janam Kundali, Horoscope prediction, Kundali matchmaking, and Tarot card reading. 

Astro Sage

Pt. Punit Pandey, a renowned astrologer, founded in the year 2000 to provide astrological services to humanity. AstroSage is one of the most legitimate astrology services. This site is for those who look for astrological advice, high-level astrological studies and development on a large scale. The website predicts and provides precise information on love, marriage, money, and career for all zodiac signs.

This is one of the websites that provides both Chinese Astrology and Indian Horoscopes. They also have Vastu experts, so you can seek their advice before constructing your dream home. It’s amazing to notice that this website allows you to get your ‘Mangal Dosh’ report. They also supply baby name ideas.

Astro Yatra

Astro Yatra is yet another reputable astrology service website in India. It permits live discussions between its consumers and qualified Astrologers, in addition to promising remedies to any difficulty.

Engaging in direct interaction with an expert can boost the customer’s authenticity and dependability. You can also seek help with problems in your daily life by using this website.

It adheres to a very traditional approach of teaching astrology. Astro Yatra teachers can teach about yourself and your stars. They also offer daily horoscopes with all types of ‘dosh nivaran,’ such as ‘Shani dosh,” mangal dosh,’ and so on.

Daily Horoscope

Daily horoscope is a part of the Daily Insight Group, which also owns,,, and As the name implies, the site provides thorough information on individual horoscopes and makes all predictions based on the date of birth, place, date, and time.

By measuring the compatibility between two people, the daily horoscope supports and promotes love and friendship. They also offer weekly and monthly love horoscopes. You can learn about your child’s abilities and how they may influence his behaviour by using their free birth chart. Daily Horoscope thinks that the cosmos has given everyone a unique mark for your benefit.

Ganesha Speaks

Ganesha Speaks is one of India’s well-known and trustworthy astrology services. It has been in business for many years, offering solutions to individuals in need. Aside from Astrology services, it offers a variety of other services.

Ganesha Speaks is a popular website in India. This website offers e-books, treatments, forecasts, and horoscopes. It’s a one-stop-shop for anyone with a genuine interest in Astrology. You’ve got yourself a perfect place to find life solutions with ‘janampatris,’ ‘poojas,’ gemstones, and ‘rudraksha’ all in one spot.

Astro Yogi

The first thing that draws people to their website is the daily horoscope. All zodiac signs are available on the homepage for free usage by anyone.

Aside from that, Astro Yogi offers the astrology services of Numerologists, Tarot Card Readers, Horoscope Readers, and Vedic Astrologers.

You can also get traditional ‘panchang’ with all auspicious and unfavourable occasions of the year at astroyogi. They also offer Tarot card readings, as well as daily, yearly, and monthly horoscopes. Astroyogi also helps with love by matching people and overcoming love-related problems. You can consult astrologers from all around the country.

Talk to Astro

Talk to Astro is a famous astrological prediction tool. It offers quick consultations from a couple of the country’s leading astrologers. It helps individuals learn about their future in career, marriage and much more. People can also seek the opinion of Tarot Readers, Vaastu Experts, and Numerologists from the comfort of their own homes.

Talk to Astro is one of the most prominent astrology/horoscope websites based in India. It is one of the most economical websites with a variety of engagement choices. Furthermore, you can obtain free on-call service manuals as well as Astrology-related publications. Clients are given a free consultation as part of the service.

Astro Speak

Astro Speak delivers rapid information about celestial bodies that are accountable for changes in our lives. The website also supports folks who require assistance with problems they are experiencing. It allows the user to take part in the online puja.

Once the online puja is concluded, the Prashad from the puja is delivered to the residence. They are also considering providing Numerologists, Tarot card readers, Vaastu consultants, and Feng Shui practitioners. The programme is also available in Indian languages other than English.

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