8 Best Employee Time Tracking Apps in 2022: Track Your Team’s Time With Ease!

You'll find 9 of the best employee time tracking apps in this list!

The importance of employee time tracking software cannot be overstated – it helps you get an accurate picture of how your team spends their time and empowers you to make key decisions with that information. But with so many options on the market, how do you know which app will be the best fit for your needs? This article describes 8 of the best apps available in 2022, so you can start comparing them and pick the one that’s right for your business!


There is a wide variety of time tracking software out there, so which one works best for you is up to you. Making a decision that you won’t regret, is important, as both your company and your employees are on the line. If you’re still not sure what makes one better than the other, here’s what you should keep a watchful eye out for:

Automation: prioritize automated timekeeping over manual timekeeping to ensure accuracy.

With GPS security, backup recorded time can be backed up.

Getting a fixed quote is a much better alternative to paying per seat which costs growing companies a lot.

It’s easy to set up and easy to use for your employees.

Easily customizable so that logistics and operations feel natural to you.

Any question can be answered by Customer Support at any time.


1.Work status

If you’re looking for the best employee monitoring software to help you track your team’s time, look no further than Workstatus. Their screen monitoring software makes it easy to see how much time employees are spending on each task, and our employee tracking features let you know when they’re working and when they’re taking breaks. Plus, advanced reporting features make it easy to see which employees are productive and which ones need improvement. You can set goals for yourself and your employees that we’ll monitor throughout the day to keep you up-to-date with progress.

And if you find that a goal isn’t being met, it sends notifications so you can intervene before things get out of hand. If a new project is added to the workload, all you have to do is input it into our app and it will automatically update everyone else’s workloads as well. Plus, Work status is affordable! You can try out everything in the system risk-free. Most of our customers never want to leave after trying out! They also offer free trials/

2. Hubstaff

If you’re looking for employee monitoring software, you should give Hubstaff a look. You’ll be able to see how your team spends time and whether they’re working or slacking off with just a glance. As well as being a reliable time tracker, Hubstaff’s on-screen monitoring feature enables you to check what your employees are doing in real time, and the Hubstaff dashboard provides an overview of all this information in one handy location.

There are also no downsides, best of all is that everything it tracks automatically saves onto its servers so you’ll never lose any data!


3. Grow with Google

Google offers some of the best employee monitoring software on the market. With tools like Google Calendar and Google Docs, you can easily track your team’s time and progress. Additionally, Google offers screen monitoring software that can help you keep an eye on your employees’ work. You can then use this information to train them or allocate tasks more efficiently. Unlimited storage space is also included with the purchase of their screen monitoring software. They also offer security options for their screen monitoring software that allow you to set certain parameters for when the screens are being monitored so your employees don’t get too distracted.

4. Microsoft Business

Time tracking is an essential part of any business. It helps you see where your employees are spending their time, and how productive they are being. There are many different time-tracking apps out there, but not all of them are created equal. Here are 8 of the best employee time tracking apps in 2022, to help you track your team’s time with ease! Clear – Clear strives to give its users simple yet effective tools for tracking projects and tasks.


5. Toggl 

Google has a large number of features that makes it ideal for use as a time tracker. Its features include collaboration tools, a variety of timers, unlimited undo/redo functionality, email notifications when you’re overdue on tasks, and integrations with Slack and Trello among others. And if that wasn’t enough, Toggl offers a free plan for up to 5 people so you can try it before buying. The downside? The UI could be better organized and the app can crash from time to time (though this doesn’t happen often). One project management feature we liked was the auto-completion of unfinished tasks from previous days or weeks.



RescueTime is a free app that runs in the background of your computer or phone, tracking the time you spend on different apps and websites. You can see how much time you’re spending on work, how productive you are, and where you can improve. RescueTime also offers premium features like weekly reports and goal-setting to help you boost your productivity. Plus, it provides suggestions for websites and apps that will make you more efficient with time management.

The company has raised $36 million from venture capitalists including Greylock Partners and Benchmark Capital. It has 2 million active users, has been named one of Fast Company’s World’s Most Innovative Companies three years running, won an Apple Design Award in 2017, was voted top workplace by Glassdoor twice (2017 & 2018), and ranked No.

  1. TSheets time tracker

If you’re looking for an employee time tracking app that is both easy to use and accurate, TSheets is a great option. TSheets allows you to track time via desktop, mobile, or landline and offers a variety of features such as GPS tracking, overtime alerts, and more. Plus, with integrations with QuickBooks and other accounting software, TSheets can make your life easier come tax time. The only downside to this app is the initial cost; however, it’s worth it considering the many benefits. For instance, the app will save you hours of time on payroll each week by automatically calculating wages based on customizable rates. What’s more, TSheets’ online dashboard is simple to use and easily adapts to any device – so you’ll never have to worry about being able to access your data from anywhere!

  1. Timeneye 

Are you looking for a way to track your team’s time so you can see where everyone is spending their time? If so, then you need a time-tracking app. And Timeneye is one of the best. It lets you use templates to save and re-use forms, which means that once you create your form all it takes is a few clicks and it will be up and running. The forms are designed with simplicity in mind so they are easy to fill out with just the click of a button. Timeneye also allows for unlimited customizable reports that give insights into who worked on what project or task as well as how much time was spent on each activity. There is even an Android version of the app available so you can take this app with you wherever you go. So if you’re looking for a simple way to track your team’s time, check out Timeneye today!




ActiveHours is a great employee time tracking app that offers a free trial so you can try it before you commit. The app is easy to use and helps you keep track of your team’s time, so you can see where they’re spending the most time and make changes accordingly. Plus, ActiveHours integrates with other popular apps like Slack, so you can keep all your communication in one place. It also comes with integrations for Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Trello, and others. All in all, ActiveHours is an affordable and straightforward option for your business. If you want to switch things up and go paperless, this is a good bet. You might be able to get away with just using this one app instead of purchasing another product as well. They offer a free 30-day trial, so you can test out their product before deciding whether or not to sign up. They have lots of great features and integrations for common tools that are used in today’s office environment, making them worth checking out if you want something simple but effective.


HoursTracker is a top pick because not only does it keep track of timesheets, but also expenses and deadlines

– Additionally, HoursTracker integrates with Google Calendar so you can always see what tasks are coming up next

– Once again, the drawback here is the price. While most time tracking apps are free (or low cost), HoursTracker costs $19 per month



As you can see, there are a variety of employee time tracking apps available, each with its own set of features. Deciding which one is right for your business depends on your specific needs. However, all of the apps on this list can help you track your team’s time and stay organized. If you’re looking for something that’s easy to use, try Workstatus or Hubstaff. If price isn’t an issue, Harvest might be a good option for you. The best part about these apps is that they make it easier to manage projects, tasks, and time.You can start by choosing one of the top 8 best employee monitoring software options, then add on additional features as needed. Keep in mind, though, that not every app will fit your organization’s needs perfectly. For example, Wrike has some great collaboration tools but may not be the best fit if you want to track hours spent working from home. And while Basecamp does offer some limited integration with project management software like JIRA and Pivotal Tracker, many users would prefer a more integrated solution like Kanban Tool which also offers great project management tools. Finally – don’t forget to factor in cost when selecting an app!

There are free services, low-cost solutions, and enterprise-level solutions out there. Make sure you know what your budget looks like before deciding which one to go with.



Can employee time tracking apps be used by both small and large businesses?

It is true that time tracking apps are highly beneficial for both large and small business owners to accurately track employee hours. These tools save time and money in the process of calculating payroll and timesheets.

Which is the best employee time tracking app?

The best employee time tracking app isn’t a free one. It’s one that offers competitive pricing for quality features. In this case, it is Work status.

Work status is the best employee time tracking app because it provides you with an all-in-one approach instead of jumping around a variety of tools. It takes roughly two minutes to set up, and zero training to start using. When business days are already complicated and hectic as they are, seamless, easy, and straight to the point is the best possible scenario.

Is there an app to track employee hours?

Yes, Work status is designed for field employees who manage their days by hourly shifts.

You can rest assured that both you and your employees are staying within guidelines of hourly work with Workstatus’ smart scheduling system, which controls overtime rules and keeps you informed any time they are exceeded. The next time you’re in need of extra hands, look at your employee’s tracked hours and see who still hasn’t met their quota. Managing everyone and everything wisely requires a lot of calculations, but with a time tracker, everything is taken care of for you.

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