8 Russian Fashion Brands You Can Order Online

Russian Fashion This nation is internationally known for its Matryoshka dolls. The Kremlin and rich cultural heritage are also highlighted. Vodka is another example of the country’s remarkable diversity.

Russia is home to a rapidly growing fashion scene. Russia’s young generation is very interested in the ever-changing fashion world.

I love to check out fashion designs from other countries. Russia is a country that has an ever-growing fashion and apparel market. I thought Russia would have even more to offer.

Russia’s new fashion designers present innovative concepts, ideas, and designs. They participate in as many fashion events nationally as they can.

However, Russian Fashion is still in its infancy and needs time to grow. I will continue to keep an eye on Russian fashion, and this guide will be updated regularly.

Here’s a list of the top 8 Russian Fashion Brands that I reviewed.

I love to explore fashion trends. Check out my other fashion guides. They are all linked at the bottom.


1.) Ostin

Austin is a Russian brand of fashion that specializes in casual clothes for men, ladies, and kids.

The label features a variety of casual and ready-tower clothes, bags, accessories, and other items that allow you to show off your personality while still keeping costs down.

Austin has had a loyal customer following since its launch and now has more than 700 outlets across Russia.

On products are available in many countries, including China, Kazakhstan Ukraine, Ukraine, Belarus, and Belarus.

2.) Ralf Ringer

Ralf ringer is a famous shoe manufacturer and retailer based in Moscow.

The company currently produces almost 3,000,000 each season. Russia’s largest retailer has over 2000 outlets in Russia.

Ralf Ringer has many styles for men and ladies, with a focus on high quality, exceptional comfort, and beautiful design.

3.) 6.) Seal

The seal is one of the most important clothing retailers in Russia. The seal has over 400 stores within Russia. They also have a strong presence in Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan (Ukraine), Belarus, Moldova, and Ukraine.

The retailer is a huge success and offers many trendy clothes for men, children, and women all under one roof at extremely low prices.

The brand offers exceptional product quality despite its low prices.

Seal’s clothing collections include fashionable apparel including casual wear, outerwear sportswear, denim and knits. This makes Seal a one-stop shop for the entire family.

4.) Alexandre Plokhov

Alexandre Plokhov, a Russian-American fashion design designer, is well-known for his exquisite creations.

she was the son of a highly creative family, born near Moscow. He received a BA degree in Fashion Design from Chicago’s IAMD, which opened up a path to the world of fashion.

With many awar holders, he is best known for his incredible designs, strong customer base exquisite tailoring.

5.) Anteater

Anteater is a Russian clothing brand that specializes in fashionable streetwear.

This creative brand  established in St. Petersburg in 2007 and has enjoyed a huge consumer following. It features funky logo designs, simple yet interesting cuts, and practicality in every piece.

Anteater has an interesting collection of apparel for men that is heavily influenced in part by its founder’s interests in street culture, and extreme sports, such as skateboarding, snowboarding, and graffiti.

These collections are created in collaboration alongside graffiti, tattoo, and extreme artists along with illustration designers and street culture activists.

Long puffer jackets, and solid-colored and tie-dye vests are all available. You also have options for pants, boots, sneakers, and an assortment of accessories such as capes or caps, socks, headphones, and belt bags.

6.) A Four

A Four is a Russian well-known brand best known for its A-Class footwear.

It was founded in St. Petersburg in 2009 and displays martial art aesthetics in its collection. It uses Yin & Yang symbol reinvented in a creative manner.

A Four not only offers great footwear, such as its Code Runner sneakers but also has a stylish and sporty clothing line.

The brand’s apparel range includes printed T-shirts, Panama Hats and Olympia Track Jackets. This blend black and white with simple color accents like red.

A Four has many great options for footwear for men and ladies. It also offers custom design services, where you can create your own shoes.

7.) MIR Stores

MIR Stores is an apparel brand that provides basic wardrobe items in Russia.

Russian fashion label design and produce high-end casual wear. This includes its iconic handmade oversized sweaters.

MIR Stores also has beautiful tops.

8.) 11.) Maxim Batcave

Maxim Batcave & Di MiRNA Hanover  the designers who founded this avant-garde fashion label. They have made it a hub for fashionistas from all over the world, and it is still a highly regarded institution.

Outlaw Moscow, Russia’s most distinctive fashion brand, is known for its daring outer and innerwear designs. They also offer funky cuts in a variety of colors and a unique style.

This exclusive label offers casual wear in a large selection, including shirts.

Outlaw Moscow provides all your fashion needs for women and men.

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