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All you want to know about ethanol!

fuel ethanol production from sugarcane

The last decade was the time when all countries in the world have collectively doubled their efforts towards sustainable ways of existence. Initiatives like reducing carbon footprints, mass plantation drives, and finding alternatives to the use of depleting natural resources are some steps that were taken in this respect. Due to this drift, the use of Ethanol as a fuel has increased in different countries. However, there are many people who are unknown of Ethanol. Very little know about the fuel ethanol production from sugarcane. Let’s explore all information we have about Ethanol.

What is Ethanol?

Ethanol is a natural by-product of plant fermentation. Among a few other ways of producing Ethanol, the most common is through the sugar production process. Being a natural by-product the production of sugar means its production is as vast as sugar. Ethanol is a colorless, odorless liquid. There are many uses of ethanol. The most commonly known, however, is as a base ingredient in alcohol. Since it is readily dissolved in water and other organic compounds, ethanol can be used as an ingredient in different products ranging from personal care and beauty products to pints and varnishes to fuel.

How is Ethanol transformed into fuel?

Using ethanol as a fuel is not just a random experiment. A lot of research has gone into it. It is also not just a trend that such a practice will die out soon. Keeping the sugar ethanol capacity, in mind, this is going to be the next big thing! The automobile industries along with the Government have recognized the benefits of using it as a fuel and are taking steps towards making it an everyday use fuel. The vehicles are soon to be designed with engines that are compatible with the standard mix of gasoline-ethanol.

Making ethanol from sugarcane is an easy process, during the natural process of making sugar, the sugarcane is churned to bring juice that is further fermented and distilled. In comparison to unleaded gasoline, ethanol is a clean burning and particulate-free fuel source. It is when burnt with oxygen, gives water and carbon dioxide.

What are the benefits of Ethanol?

There are many benefits of fuel ethanol production from sugarcane and further using it as a biofuel. Some of these are listed below –

  • Being a by-product of a product that is produced in large quantities, it generally is very cost-effective. Moreover, every country in the world has the potential to produce it.
  • It is highly ecologically effective, unlike other fuels and sources of energy; ethanol does not have a harmful impact on the environment.
  • Since it is an environment-friendly fuel, it contributes to reducing global warming.
  • The best part about for opting this fuel is that it is easily accessible in all countries.
  • Minimizes dependence on fossil fuels
  • It is known as a renewable energy source that can be created easily.

The other uses of ethanol fuel can be listed further.

What do we learn?

Closely looking at what is ethanol, the process of ethanol production, its evolution into fuel, and the benefits of using this as a fuel. One thing that we also learned is that the use of ethanol is not restricted to being a biofuel, there are many other things on the list. It can be used as an ingredient in domestic spirits and country liquor. We also get to learn that the sugar ethanol capacity is much higher than other raw materials that are ideal for the production of this reason. The automobile industry is all set to explore this option as a full-fledged fuel option and plans to introduce a vehicle with engines compatible with fuel ethanol. In near future, this will be a regular practice for sure.

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