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Allegiant Air Reservations Unaccompanied Minors Guide 2022

Allegiant Air Reservations

To travel, unaccompanied minors can fly on specific Allegiant Air flights without their parents or a local caregiver. The crew also offers the minors additional travel assistance so they may have a hassle-free journey. Most crucially, kids who are at least fifteen years old can travel by themselves. However, small children must be at least fourteen years old to fly with a partner. Children must book separate Allegiant Flight Tickets if they are under 18 or older. Additionally, they must present a government-issued photo ID. Keep in mind that every traveler who falls under a certain age range is subject to TSA procedures. To reserve unaccompanied kid flights, contact customer service. Also, the airline imposes certain rules and regulations for parents flying with these minors which include:


  • Parents who are traveling with a child under two years old must buy a ticket. Also included in the package is an FAA-approved car seat.
  • The young children may also travel on an adult’s lap as lap children.
  • On Allegiant unaccompanied minor flights, each passenger can bring one lap child. The second child will need its seat if you are traveling with more than one infant.
  • Most essential, if you are a student, you should produce a birth certificate or other form of identity in addition to the birthdate.
  • This also applies to passengers who are at least 15 years old and have a companion who is under two years old.
  • According to FAA safety regulations, children between the ages of 2 and 14 should not sit in an exit row.
  • Additionally, this airline permits passengers who are 15 to 17 years old to fly alone. In addition, while booking a flight, they must provide a birth certificate.

The Allegiant Airlines booking details for little ones and teens:

On the day of departure, Allegiant accepts travelers under the age of 14. Additionally, a passenger who is at least 15 years old must be traveling on the same reservation as them. For children who are younger than two on the date of travel, there are two choices. First, as a lap infant on an adult passenger’s seat with the same reservation. Second, as a ticketed passenger occupying a vehicle seat that has FAA approval. Minors should not fly without an adult chaperone, according to the airline. Reservations for unaccompanied youngsters under 15 and 17 years old can be made by paying an additional Allegiant cost. If minors turn away from the leaving aircraft, customer service will be able to help them.

Seat Selection and Fees:

Passengers can choose a seat for minors in advance to avoid having children separated from the group. In addition, you can reserve seats by visiting the controlled booking page or using the airline’s free mobile app. Children are also not allowed to sit in the exit row seats or have more than one infant on a lap due to FAA safety regulations. Children traveling in car seats must sit by the window; aisle seats are not available to them.


  • Infants and small children under 40 pounds must use an approved car seat, according to FAA recommendations.
  • The FMVSS.213 insignia language is utilized to illustrate the federal motor vehicle safety regulations.


Additionally, on domestic flights within the United States, If the child sits in the passenger’s lap, Allegiant does not charge an additional fee for child seats. However, while checking in, they must provide the airport authority with proof of age, such as a birth certificate. Children under the age of two may also ride in a child safety seat after purchasing a ticket. Children between the ages of 14 months and two should travel with a certified copy of their birth certificate.

Additional Important Details:

  • When checking in for a flight, passengers can bring strollers as checked baggage.
  • The cost of checking in a stroller is free.
  • The group will load the cargo with the strollers that were gate checked. Also, when they arrive at their location, they will deliver the same to the guest.
  • Backless booster seats, vest harnesses, and add-on safety belts that tether to an adult are no longer permitted by the FAA.
  • Unaccompanied minors are eligible for the same baggage allowance while traveling in a car seat that has been checked.
  • The airport authority also inspects the automobile seat in the boarding area. When they arrive at their destination, they simultaneously collect it from the gate area.
  • Most importantly, there are no additional fees for checking in or checking a car seat at the airport gate.
Last line:

If you need further assistance from the team when making Allegiant Airlines booking for smaller flights, call the toll-free helpdesk at (800) 773-6613. Furthermore, the member will give you their undivided attention and ensure that all of your travel requirements are met as effectively as possible.


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