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Awesome trekking trails in Thailand 

Choosing to explore the northern or the southern part of the Asian nation is full of fascinating trails. Frontier Airlines Booking desk offers cheap fares & other in-flight benefits. However, there are multiple challenges while climbing on a tall mountain that tests both mental & physical strength. 

The country is however famous for tropical beauty, temples from ancient times, delicious cuisine & more. It never fails to attract worldwide commuters with a great charm. Apart from these, people can head to various other parts to enjoy the vacations & explore. 

Here’s the list of extreme trails to try :

  1. Khao No:

While reaching here, the interesting part is the visitors will be greeted by the monkeys at the bottom side. As these baby monkeys are quite adorable & try to entertain people with fun activities. People can purchase a basket of chopped bananas & feed them. 

Now, you can start your trekking as it’s a bit steep at starting followed by the rest stops ahead. There is a staircase that leads to the cave at the peak & here you can find a large buddha seating. Moreover, it is sometimes quite a scary moment while sneaking from the top. 

  1. Doi Chang cliffs:

It proves to be a hard trekking location as you need to start with an uphill motorbike ride. But, the views from the top are more epic & thus make it the best trekking trails in Thailand. Unfortunately, the roads are not precisely maintained so it’s advised to not bring the car. 

Now, keep on going till you find the temple on the side of the mountain. If all goes well you can chat with the monks. Moreover, they can introduce us to some beautiful caves that are worth clicking pictures of. Well, here comes the complex part & however I need to understand the formation. 

  1. Hang Nak Mountain:

During a specific situation, if you are near the Ao Nang area you can afford to visit this trail. It’s about 4 hrs round trip & a unique trail to climb with open fascinating views across the two areas. 

While approaching the summit, which is around 500 metres above sea level followed by the 3.7kms hike. You can sit anywhere & experience the incredible natural views that offer a unique experience. You can slowly climb the above height along with 2 liters of water per person. 

  1. Kew Mae Pan:

For all nature lovers, this is no less than a paradise to visit & also known as the roof of Thailand. Lufthansa Flight Booking desk offers great affordable deals & immense comfort while arriving here. Well, it’s about 2,200 m above sea level & a few hundred metres away from the highest peak in the nation. 

Try to be a comfortable outfit & it’s better to wear that precisely helps to hold the grip. While moving, you’ll get to witness countless views that offer great pleasure to the eyes. 

  1. What Phabat Pu Padang :

As these temples are also known by the other names & offer fabulous views from the top. Well, being surrounded by the blue sky from all around makes you feel like being in heaven. On the other hand, an hour’s drive from Lampang brings on the first level where you can move around the first temple. 

Now, moving a bit further to the second level is at a far-up distance that can be accessed via tuk-tuk or foot. Apart from these you can stop by & enjoy marvellous greenery covered around. The best thing is to carry your camera & click multiple pictures. Perhaps, these are the ways to express the beauty of nature. 

6.Phu Thap Boek Mountain:

In case you are looking for an easy way to hike along with stunning views, then this is where you are welcome. However, they are among the best trekking trails in Thailand & located in the Phetchabun province. Here, the visitors can easily reach by car or better hire a local driver. 

While being on the top is however full of surprises as it offers authentic views. Mostly the mornings are full of clouds. You can also approach green space covered with clouds & the sunrise enhances the whole view. On the other hand, it’s better to visit here between December and January. 

  1. Khao Chang phueak:

This is ranked among the third tallest mountain peaks & quite challenging with some complicated spots. You can walk along the mountain ridge that comprises phenomenal views. Moreover, an open crowd is not allowed & only 60 hikers can climb per day. So, the move is to contact & reserve the place. 

As these are the ways to make the vacations quite exciting. 



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