Barber shop marketing ideas: how to build customer loyalty

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With barber shop and barber marketing ideas, you can take the opportunity to make this summer special, making you known and retaining your customers via SMS.

SMS: one channel but many uses

Whether you choose the sea, the mountains, the lake or simply to enjoy a little rest at home, the desire to disconnect has never been as great as this year. There is a desire to pamper yourself. This is why it is the right time for hairdressers and barbers to offer last-minute treatments, ad hoc promotions and products suitable for the period. How? By accelerating your corporate communication. Read on to discover our tips and marketing ideas for hairdressers and barbers.

The great flexibility of the SMS channel in the beauty sector makes it suitable for multiple uses:

  • SMS marketing to promote your salon, send discounts, launch new products and treatments
  • Transactional SMS to send alerts, confirm reservations and remember appointments.

Hair salon and barber marketing ideas: build customer loyalty

Let’s discover the features and benefits that will help improve your business.

Promote last-minute treatments and new products

In anticipation of the departure for the holidays, we are all aware of the hours spent preparing the luggage, carefully choosing the outfits, but above all, the products for the care of your body, sun creams and the most suitable shampoos. This is why a promotion dedicated to the summer period is among the best barber shop marketing ideas. With a simple SMS, you can inform all your customers about:

  • Last-minute treatments at discounted prices to prepare for the holiday and show off a brand new cut on the beach
  • Active 3 × 2 promotions in your salon for specific hair care products
  • Special packages aim to sell several complementary products (in marketing, we say cross-selling). For example, shampoo + moisturizing conditioner for saltiness + mask.

Furthermore, with the SMS ADV service, you can reach even those who do not yet know you, thanks to a profiled database with which you can exploit all the potential of the SMS. With a reading rate of over 90% and the immediacy of the SMS, your customers and others will immediately know about your unmissable offers.

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Landing Page: the pearl among the marketing ideas for barber shop

Customer care is essential, not only during the cut, the color or the specific treatment. When you communicate with them, it is often necessary to transmit more information. Whether it is to explain a treatment, a promotion, or to update him about your business. The ideal solution to send content using the effectiveness of the SMS, but without space constraints, are the landing pages. These are web pages accessible from a link inserted in the SMS, easy to create and can host images, videos, maps, social buttons and much more. Some examples of use?

  • Have you decided to expand your salon’s offer and now offer a barber service? With a landing page, you can explain to your customers that the offer has expanded, that you have hired a person also dedicated to the male audience, attach photos of the dedicated space and propose a special offer for the first 10 customers.
  • In your salon, offer a special lottery. Give away hair products or beach accessories and send the landing page with the rules to the contest. You will increase the engagement of customers who will be incentivized to come back to you, perhaps to collect the prize.
  • Victory against the pandemic is near, but better not to let your guard down. In fact, customers will surely appreciate knowing about your constant attention to the hygiene and sanitation rules adopted in the store. Here is an example of a landing page from which to book an appointment and enjoy your service in peace and safety.

Remember appointments and offer the best service

The 2:00 pm customer is waiting outside the shop, the waiting room is full, and the mid-July sun is warmer than ever. Did you have to postpone all appointments due to the last-minute delay and failed to notify other customers? Among the barber shop marketing ideas that we propose, there are not only pure marketing activities. In fact, it is very important today to also take care of the service offered to its customers.

To avoid stress and inconvenience to you and your customers, we advise you to consider the transactional uses of SMS, which users appreciate. For example, just send an SMS the day before, where you can remember the appointment and then ask for confirmation of attendance thanks to the SMS reception service. Did you know that SMS reminders are even more effective than emails and phone calls? Read the results of our research on reminders confirming SMS as the most loved tool.

These are just some of the barber shop marketing ideas that will help you improve your business communication and increase the satisfaction of your customers. You will incentivize them to come back to you, and they will most likely recommend your business, advertise, and help improve it.

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