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The most widely used website and app in the world for finding information on any movie or TV show is the Internet Movie Database or IMDb. But it has certain drawbacks. There have been criticisms about how opaque the ranking system is. Amazon owns the website, which aggressively advertises Prime Video content. And its once-famous discussion boards have been diminished to nothing more than another location with questionable evaluations.

However, there are other, free movie databases that provide comparable data. Some even allow you to arrange their databases using ratings from other sources. Fans of the previous discussion boards have made superior websites where you can talk about the television you are viewing.


Similar to Wikipedia, TMDB has been operating since 2008 and is totally created and maintained by its users. Additionally, if you create a free account, you won’t see any advertisements or promos.

Both movies and TV shows are covered by TMDB, which has a comprehensive database on alternate names, the cast and crew, plot summaries, runtimes, and streaming availability for each episode (works in certain countries). For each article, you’ll also discover user reviews and comments. However, you should exercise caution because spoilers may be readily found here. Lastly, you may go to any publicly accessible media for the film, including trailers, posters, set photos, and logos.

Registered users can also make private watchlists to keep track of the content they want to watch or public lists that anybody can view and participate in. To locate what’s accessible to you, you can also filter by streaming services in a few countries. TMDB is much similar to Alkaicer TV Apk, you can use both of these tools if you want.

TMDb has a ton of regional and non-English content that you could not readily locate on IMDb, especially for older films. Popular movie trackers like Trakt have used it since it is so thorough.

All Movie

IMDb was established in 1990, making it nearly as ancient as the internet. AllMovie, founded in 1998 and still active, is the next-oldest movie database. While AllMovie maintains an old-school feeling of simplicity and minimalism that is nice to peruse, IMDb has a more contemporary appearance. You won’t find any TV shows on this site, and there are just movies.

The top page features a marquee banner showcasing recently released movies, and a box allows you to browse new and forthcoming titles. There are two more sections that provide current box office receipts and media that may be streamed or purchased digitally. The rest of the website consists of browsing by genre, feeling, or subject, or utilizing robust search tools to locate what you’re looking for in its enormous library of Hollywood and international films.

The pages for each title maintain the level of clarity for which AllMovie is renowned. You can read an original review written by the site’s authors or user reviews after reading the synopsis provided in the first tab. In the end, you’ll discover cast and crew details or any honors it received. IMDb and TMDB are more thorough than AllMovie when it comes to cast and crew information. Even so, it frequently covers the most well-known or crucial elements of filmmaking.

TV Maze

TV Maze is for TV programs and shows, whereas AllMovie is for movies. This website concentrates on television programming. In fact, streaming services are also considered “channels.”

The sidebar of the home page features the TV schedule for today, along with popular series running that day or forthcoming season debuts. To keep up with TV schedules, there is a thorough episode calendar. Registered users may also add their preferred streaming providers. Additionally, you may keep track of your favorite shows and receive notifications when a new episode airs.

Any TV show’s episodes and seasons are fully indexed in TV Maze. A media gallery, news, guest stars, character profiles and appearances, episode summaries, cast and crew information, and guest stars are all included.


IMDb stated in 2017 that it will be shutting its discussion forums, a popular section of the website for movie enthusiasts. After all, each movie had its own forum with a variety of sub-topics where fans could discuss various facets of the picture. Jim Smith was among these admirers. That is how MovieChat came to be.

Every movie and TV program has its own sub-forum on MovieChat, just like the old IMDb message boards. In other words, if it’s on IMDb, it’s also on MovieChat. You can start as many threads as you like in that sub-forum and engage in them all. However, you are required to follow the rules of the neighborhood. Additionally, the threads can only be sorted by the newest post, not popularity, which makes for a cumbersome user interface.


It’s likely better if you disregard the rating system whether you use IMDb or one of these substitutes. The system for ranking movies now includes biases from movie studios, fans, and other sources. As a result, these rankings may not be an accurate indicator of a movie’s quality.

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