Best Ways To Make Lipstick Last All Day

Ladies, we can all agree that there is always lipstick for a bad day. We all want it to continue all day. You are not the only one who has reached the middle of the day and glanced in the mirror only to discover that the gorgeous long lasting matte lipstick you had applied a few hours earlier has long since vanished. Through the years, we have perfected the technique for making lipstick stay longer, from long-wearing formulas to small tips and tricks.

The tips for  making the lipstick last longer are as follows:

1. Lip Balm

Apply some moisturizing lip balm first. You say, “It causes my lipstick to fall off”? No, I respond. Applying precisely the appropriate amount is crucial. If you wish to remove any extra, swab your lips with a fresh piece of tissue paper right away.

Additionally, if you have a pleasant balm, this step is simply great.

2. Strong Line Game

Line Game Effective Line up those lippies neatly. Not merely the edge of your lips.  Use the lip liner to color the entire lip. This will provide the ideal foundation for your lip color to adhere to.

3. Layer One More Time

The secret is to layer that lipstick. Start by selecting a long-lasting liquid lipstick. Matte lipsticks perform well and create the ideal basis to extend the wear of that lipstick. Continue after that. Always use a complimentary bullet lippie under a liquid lipstick. This merely adds depth and ensures that your lipstick is comfortable to wear.

4. Translucent Tricks

The translucent powder method is your saving grace if you’re still looking for the best long lasting matte lipstick but are constrained to a creamy tint. Place tissue paper on it, then sprinkle the translucent powder over it after putting lipstick on your lips. It not only prolongs the wear of your lipstick but also leaves a perfectly matte finish. For the greatest long-lasting lipstick effect, finish by applying a little additional lipstick.

5. Stop The Oil Slick

Lipstick is broken down by oil. So be careful when you eat to avoid getting oily food on your gorgeous pout. You are not required to dine with the most bizarre expression. Eat small bites, and keep your utensils and food away from your lips.

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