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By 2022, Manali will be six alternative camping locations in Manali


I visited Manali for the very first instance in about five years ago. I’m tired of the Delhi hot summer days and would like to leave as soon as I can. It’s definitely more relaxing at 2000m above sea level.

However, it’s not only the conditions in Manali that is wonderful all year (below 30 degrees, even on hot summer days) However, the activities are equally amazing. In addition to camp, Manali offers a diverse variety of options for activities.

The area is filled with Buddhist monasteries that you can visit as well as adventurous activities like paragliding or river rafting to take part in within a 30-kilometer area. There are also some of the top motorable passes, as well with bizarre shopping malls and parks for wildlife to explore. If you’re not sure, then be sure of warm Himachali friendliness to compensate. And, of course I’m not able to imagine a better experience than camping in Manali.

As I mentioned previously that there are a variety of travel companies that offer Manali Camping holiday packages; However, I would not recommend them due to the fact that they give an untrue and fake experience. Instead, you should try yourself.


The weather in Manali

Manali’s weather Manali is reliable for all kinds of tourists. The climate in the hills has the ability to change at a moment’s notice and is a great destination for backpackers throughout the year, with a mild climate. Although this aspect of Manali’s weather might not suit the needs of families, for those who love camping in Manali the weather can be perfect!

The summer months are from March until June, the average temperature ranges between 10 to 25 ° Celsius.

The monsoon season is from July to September with temperatures ranging from between 11 and 15 degree Celsius.

The winter months last from October to February, and temperatures range between -15degC and 12degC on average.

All kinds of travelers are not awed by the weather of anali. Backpackers’ assistance


The most popular camping spots in Manali

Beas River

Camping in Manali isn’t much better than the Manali campsites that are located close to the Beas River, with their perfectly blended lush landscape breathtaking hills, majestic mountains with gushing streams and postcard-like views over the Himalayas. Beas River Beas river flows through into the Beas Kund region and is situated in the Himalayas and flows and flows to its source in the Sutlej Basin in Punjab. Beas River Beas River, which stretches over 470 km is among the most beautiful spots in Manali for camping along the river.


Solang Valley

The breathtaking Solang Valley, perched above Kullu’s stunning valley, is an additional wonderful camping area, located approximately 14 kilometers away from the city’s center. This valley, named in honor of the town that is adjacent to Solang provides the perfect combination of stunning scenery and snow. The camping In Solang Valley, unlike camping in Manali is definitely a paradise for those who love adventure. It’s a stunning area that is perfect for paragliding, cable car rides and other sports of adventure.



For those who are looking for a less crowded place to visit should look into Bhuntar which is situated in the remote Manali district. It is a great spot for a memorable camping trip. It is a modest camping site that has all the necessities needed to live in the forest. This camp site, situated near the river, gives you the most unique camping experience.


Tirthan Valley

It is the Himachal’s most well-kept secret that offers a stunning view of the surrounding. Tirthan Valley, situated at an altitude that is 1600 feet high, offers the perfect location to take pleasure in the most stunning views of the natural world. The area is also famous for its camping areas for adrenaline junkies, where they can get away from the city and hike up to take in the stunning views of this spot that is unspoiled as they relax in the forest.


Kothi Valley

Camping in Manali does not require any introduction particularly when it’s located in the charming small town of Kothi located close to Lahaul, Spiti, and Leh route. The town of Kothi located about 16 km away from the city’s centre is famous for its spectacular panoramas of the valley. There is a River Beas may be seen running through the gorge it also serves as the perfect location for paragliding.



This camping site located in Sethan is perfect for those who prefer off-the-beaten-path travel. This campsite, which is situated in the exclusive zone of Manali Sethan, is a fantastic option for staying in the middle of the action and having a relaxing time camp in Manali. The location is located 800m above Manali and offers a stunning panorama over Manali and the Kullu valley.

The camp is situated 15 km away from Manali and is set in an organic apple orchard. The location is relatively unknown which makes it an undiscovered treasure certain to give you unforgettable memories.

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