Can I Visit the UK While My Partner Visa Is Being Processed?

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The turmoil in Ukraine has caused a massive delay in Home Office visa processing and decision waiting times. Applications from outside of the UK for a visa to live in the UK as the spouse or partner of a British citizen or settled person. Typically take between 12 and 12 months (3 months) to complete, currently take between 24 and (6 months) to be determined. In addition, the super and priority visas have been temporarily suspended for all family visa applications made in the UK. The meantime, it is the Home Office deals with Ukraine Visa Scheme applications.

In the end, many (or our spouse visa civil partnership visas, non-married visa and fiance visa civil partner visa customers. The more contacting us to inquire if they can travel to the UK (for instance, spending time with the fiance(e) or partner). They and their partner visa is being processed if they adhere to the conditions of their visit visa. He must return to their country of origin to obtain a visa for their spouse. This article addresses that question.

Can I Visit the UK While My Partner Visa Application Is Being Processed?

The Difference Between Visa and Non-Visa Nationals

There is a difference between non-visa and visa nationals, as outlined in section VN 1.1 of Immigration Rules Appendix Visitor. Visa National List. In contrast to non-visa citizens, visa holders need an entry permit before travelling to the UK as visitors.

Non-visa holders, in contrast, are not required to obtain admission clearance before travelling to UK as a tourist. Tourists from these countries can legally apply at the border to be granted admission into the UK. It is true even in the event that you are able to enter the UK. Then by e-gates and without stampeding the passport. The quick response to your question about whether you are able to visit the UK as a visitor when your application for admission approval as a partner is being processed is :

  • Visa-holders aren’t able to be allowed to travel into the UK in the form of visitors while their visa applications are being considered.
  • Non-visa citizens can visit the UK as tourists while their applications for out-of-country travel are considered; however, this is not without risk.
  • The Home Office’s One Application at a Time Rule
Visa Nationals

The Home Office has a rule against multiple visa applications. This is outlined in paragraph 34BB in the Immigration Rules:

34BB Exceptionally when one or more of the applications have been filed according to Appendix EU (see paragraph EU10 of Appendix EU):

(1) If an applicant is awaiting a decision on an application for admission clearance or permission to stay that is not determined (“the prior application”), Any subsequent request for entry clearance or permission to stay will be considered as an application to modify the prior application. Only that application which was most recently submitted will be taken into consideration.

In this regard, making an entry clearance request as an individual visitor effectively pulls your partner’s visa. Making a request for a visit visa is considered an additional application that will result in changing the application for a partner visa to a visitor visa application.

This bar applies to visa holders who travel to the UK when their visa for their partner is processed. It’s not a problem, however, for non-visa-nationals. The reason is that non-visa citizens don’t technically apply for clearance to enter, but they apply for permission to enter, as described below.

Non-visa nationals

The reason that non-visa citizens can circumvent the home office’s single application per given time rule because of the distinction between ‘entry clearance” and “permission to enter as defined in the Immigration Rules.

Suppose a visa-holder applies for a visa to visit. In that case, they are requesting entry clearance if they haven’t been granted entry clearance prior to their arrival and are refused entry at the border in accordance with Paragraph 24 under the Immigration Rules.

Non-visa citizens, however, are exempt from needing to make an application for admission clearance. If non-visa citizens are at the point of entry. They’re just seeking permission to be admitted through the border (even if they pass through the electronic gates).

If we are referring to paragraph 34BB, The Rules specifically mention “further applications for entry clearance or permission to stay. That, according to a thorough reading of the Rules, are different from those seeking entry clearance. This means that non-visa citizens travel to the UK even while their application for entry clearances as partners is in the process. However, it is subject to the risk of contradicting intentions in the manner described in the following.

Priority Visit Visa Service

Candidates may wish to be aware that even though the priority or super-priority. The visas are temporarily closed for all applicants with new work. If anyone want to study or family visa applications that are submitted outside of the UK. The priority and super priority visas are offered across the major foreign areas by appointment for visa applications to visitors.

Keep My Passport Service

If you are planning to travel to the UK in the UK. As a non-visa-visiting visitor citizen with a pending spouse visa request. You’ll have to choose the “Keep My Passport” service in order to apply to get your visa for a partner. If you don’t then the centre for application. It will retain your passport until processing your partner visa.

The applicants should be aware that the “Keep My Passport”. This service is only available for applications made via the standard process. Thus, applicants must decide between either super or priority services and keep their passports.

If you’re dual-national and you are a dual national. You do not need to choose the “Keep My Passport” option if you can give one passport for processing and the other for travel.



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