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Collection of Photo Booth Props and Signs For Wedding

If you have a wedding coming up soon, and you have finally decided to have a fun photo booth for your wedding, it would be the best idea to sort out your collection of photo booth props for your wedding photo booth.

Having a collection of props and signs ready prior to your wedding is going to save you tons of time and will also help you get the best ideas for your wedding photo booths.

Here are some props and signs you can add to your collection for an amazing wedding photo booths experience:

Photo booth signs

What’s the use of a photo booth when there aren’t going to be any fun signs to pose with? Fun and creative signs will definitely add a spark to your photo booth pictures. Not only this but all your loved ones and guests will have a blast in the photo booth.

Here are some photo booth signs and props you should consider adding to your photo booths collection: 

  •     Team Bride and Team Groom
  •     Bridesmaids
  •     We do!
  •     Mr. and Mrs.
  •     LOVE
  •     So Happy For Them!
  •     Happily Ever After
  •     His & Hers
  •     Just Married
  •     Maid of Honor
  •     Best Man
  •     Love is all you need

Funky glasses and hats

For more crazy and fun pictures for your wedding photo booth, don’t forget to get your hands on some funky and crazy glasses and hats for all your guests to try on and pose with!

You can get glasses that say Team Bride and Team Groom, as well as Bridesmaid for all the lovely friends of the bride, as well as Best Man for the groom’s side. Even mustaches and funky hats will do the job!

Neon light signs

Neon lights are something that most people aren’t doing for their wedding, so adding neon light signs will certainly make your wedding stand out. Neon signs such as ‘Love is all you need,’ ‘Our Happily Ever After,’ or even your custom wedding hashtag would brighten up the space! 

The best part?

You even get to keep this customized neon sign with you forever!

Laser-cut wooden signs

Wooden signs will certainly give a more rustic feel to your wedding. You can easily get these art pieces customized any way you want and choose your desired font and design too!

Oversized marquee lights

Have oversized marquee lights that spell out ‘Love’ or your customized wedding hashtag to have better and more thrilling wedding pictures. Your guests will surely love capturing pictures with this oversized marquee light piece.

Foil letter balloons

Who said balloons are for children? Get your hands on some rose gold, bronze, or oversized golden balloons, and arrange letters according to your wedding hashtag. You can even go for words such as ‘Love’ or ‘Happily Ever After’- the choice is totally yours!

Tinsel foil fringe curtain backdrop

What is any photo booth without a proper backdrop? Well, in this case, consider having a tinsel foil curtain backdrop with fringes to have more stunning pictures for your wedding. Your pictures will turn out even more glamorous with this backdrop for your wedding photo booths!

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