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Common specialization of Bachelor of Design courses

B Design College in Dehradun

Bachelor of Design is an undergraduate course that most of the B Des colleges in Dehradun offer with the option of a specialization. The course familiarizes students with the world of designing and unleashes their creativity by channelizing it on the right path. A Bachelor of Design course shapes the career path of a student having creative skills related to art or digital animation. The skillset required for a course like this mandates a student to have a creative mind, analytical thinking, sense of colors, and efficient use of the creative ability. This course has an industry-oriented approach along with practical training in the field. Common specializations of this degree are as follows.

Bachelor of Design (Interior Design)

Interior Designing is a field related to the art and science of decorating physical spaces with the correct kind of furniture and other elements of home décor, further accentuating it through light and color schemes. The course emphasizes the idea of transforming a blank space or area into a suitable space that matches all specifications of the client along with giving an esthetic look. A student enrolling in this course gets to learn planning and designing principles and get an insight into the architectural principle that is related to the interior designing field. An efficient interior designer is one who effectively plans, designs, and delivers a space that fits the best with the client’s requirements.

Bachelor of Design (Graphics and Animation)

Graphics designing and Animation is a stream in the Bachelor of Design course that trains students in the world of graphics and animation. The course nurtures innovative thinking in an individual and further provides strong technical and presentation skills. Each animator or designer needs to possess an observing nature that will strengthen their animating skills further and help them in creating characters and instances based on their observation. The course offered by the best B Design College in Dehradun in this stream helps students to further enhance their negotiating, research, thinking, idea generation, listening, manipulating, and other skills that are essential to survive in today’s cut-throat competition in the designing field.

Bachelor of Design (UX/UI)

UX/UI is the commonly used abbreviation for User Experience and User Interface. It is a course that deals with the designing stage of the process of website or application development. Web designers choose this specialization to attract their target audience and make it easy for them to use. The course provides an understanding of the look and feel of a website and how you can get more and more visibility by using the knowledge of consumer behavior and other aspects. A smooth interaction of a user with an app or a website is what a UX/UI designer ensures every time they complete working on a website. When you enroll for this course at any of the B Des colleges in Dehradun, you get to learn the tactics of understanding the issues that can be faced by a user and resolve them efficiently with the correct skills in web designing.

Bachelor of Design (Fashion)

A course in Fashion design is ideal for those students who have an eye for fashion and a keen interest in styling people. A fashion designer is the one who ideates a look selects the kind of fabric, design, and color tone that will be used, and further conceptualizes how that garment would be draped. The fashion designing course not only introduces the concept of efficiently using different types of fabrics and colors it also teaches you to up-keep with the new fashion development worldwide.


There can be many more specializations that a B Design College in Dehradun offers. The above listed are the top preference of students in today’s time due to the kind of scope and demand these courses have in their respective industries.

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