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Courses at University of East London for MBA in UK

Introduction to University of East London

University of East London is the most popular and reputed School in the UK. There are two campuses of University of East London, one in the Stratford and second one near Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Both the schools are famous for master’s degree. Here you can fid some courses at University of East London for MBA in UK suggested by study in UK consultants.

UEL is very expensive in comparison to other master’s Universities. But, from career point of view, UEL is the best. So, if you are looking for master’s degree then read the courses at University of East London for MBA in UK and chooses one of the course in which you are interested.

Courses offered at UEL

There are seven management streams offered by University of East London pursue for your master’s degree. These streams in management are:

  • Accounting,
  • Finance,
  • Economics,
  • Management Science and Operations,
  • Marketing,
  • Strategy and Entrepreneurship,
  • Organizational Behavior

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Programs Provided by University of East London

There are mainly four program offered by UEL for study. These are listed below as follows:

  • Master’s in Leadership and Strategy
  • General MBA
  • Master’s in Management
  • Master’s in Finance

Master’s in Leadership and Strategy

  • The UEL Sloan Masters in Leadership and Strategy is a unique specialization program for experienced highly skilled professionals.
  • Students from more than 24 nationalities
  • So, the program provides a platform for seasoned professionals to define their impact and build their legacy
  • The student joins a class of highly qualified senior executives who are leaders in their fields, creating a strong and rich learning environment.
  • Students will study the latest business practices and research to enhance their leadership skills, strengthen strategic thinking and manage organizational change.

General MBA

  • Students take a variety of business foundation courses before being able to tailor their studies through our tailored framework.
  • The flexibility of the MBA attracts students from a diverse and wide range of careers, including consulting, media, finance, technology, military, sports, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, luxury and retail, healthcare and non-profit sectors.
  • Students increase their practical experience, develop skills to compete and succeed in the global career market
  • The program is taught by faculty members from the UEL, and language teaching is provided by experts from the Modern Language Center at University of East London.

Master’s in Management

  • A master’s degree in management provides students with a critical understanding of business, flexible thinking, international perspective, and business-ready practical skills.
  • 95% of international students come from more than 46 countries
  • The Master’s Program in Management attracts the highest levels of energy, mobility and ability to make changes around the world
  • A global network of alumni covering more than 46,000 leaders and 155 countries.

Master’s in Finance

The University of East London (UEL) Masters of Finance (Master’s in Finance) has consistently been recognized by the Financial Times as the best post-practice program in the world.

Students can choose one or more of four concentrations:

  • Corporate finance
  • Investment management and analysis
  • Risk management and yield
  • Also, Students can gain self-confidence, realize their leadership potential, and apply what they have learned through real-world project work.

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