Epson SureColor SC-T7200 Wide Format Printer

Wide Format Printer

Are you planning to invest in a new large-format printer? You are not alone; many business organizations realize the various perks of purchasing a wide-format printer. Your business needs a wide format printer on-site to meet higher print volumes and execute demanding projects. Be it for producing larger-than-life advertisements or custom-printed fabric samples, buying a large-format printer could be your best bet.

With an assortment of brands and models available in the market, it would be a tricky task to find the one best suited to your needs. Epson is one of the top printer brands known for its unrivaled quality and innovative ink and design technologies. Its SureColor series features a diverse range of large-format printers that deliver fast, precise, and brilliant prints on almost any paper type. If you are in search of a wide format printer with outstanding productivity, Epson SureColor SC-T7200 is an ideal choice.

Epson SureColor SC-T7200 is a 44-inch wide-format printer designed to maximize the efficiency of high-volume end-to-end print production. This printer with 1 GB of RAM and an optional 320 GB HDD for job caching and recall ensures to deliver ultra-fast image processing. Backed with large capacity ink cartridges up to 700 ml, the Epson printer offers precise and reliable printing solutions for businesses and individuals alike.

The SureColor SC-T7200 produces a varied array of excellent quality graphics, which makes it best suited for CAD and GIS applications in architecture, building, engineering and education domains. Moreover, the rapid image processing of the large format printer enables the printing of graphics-rich files quickly and directly from different design applications and software programs. The SC-T7200 has an impressive print speed output for an A1 print in only 28 seconds. SureColor SC-T printers employ pigment inks and are ENERGY STAR-certified for their exceptional power efficiency, which helps to minimize environmental impact.

The Epson SC-T7200 is marvelously compact, sports a sleek style and has low noise levels making it a great addition to your office space. The exemplary combination of Epson’s five-colour UltraChrome XD pigment ink and permanent PrecisionCoreTM TFP printheads ensures high-quality prints with accurate, consistent, and long-life performance. The ink, available in 110, 350, and 700 ml cartridges, has been designed to offer the deep blacks and sharp, dense lines required for intricate technical graphics, as well as the brilliant colours required for high-quality prints and posters. Furthermore, its water-resistant and smudge-proof ink provides prints ideal for both short-term outdoor use and any indoor application.

Recognizing the market’s demand for optimum productivity and the ability to swiftly switch between alternative media if necessary, the new SureColor SC-T7200 model includes optional double paper rolls with auto paper loading and auto-switching between rolls. Epson has also added an optional 36-inch wide colour scanner to the T7200 multi-function printer, increasing its versatility even further. It is one of the first Epson large-format printers with a scanner, allowing users to digitalize large-format hard copies and scan them to file, email, or share with other SC-T printers. With this Epson wide format printer, you can scan documents at speeds of upto to 13 inches per second.

Why Do Wide Format Printers Matter

Investing in Epson wide format printer allows you to print large-scale projects internally, thus significantly reducing time and costs. You can swiftly print high-quality photographs with a large format printer without outsourcing to a vendor, giving you more control and flexibility.

Since Epson SureColor SC-T7200 printers are renowned for their productivity and speed, they could be perfect for producing graphics and photo-heavy posters and banners.

Epson’s broad and varied range of wide format printers allow printing on many types of surfaces, including and media including fabric. A standard multi-function printer might be adequate for simpler tasks such as printing basic office documents or brochures. But if you consistently need to print large-scale, complex projects, architectural drawings and more, a wide format printer would be the right choice.

With time and cost savings a crucial concern for businesses of all sizes and verticals, a large format printer ensures to offer extensive benefits. These machines provide a variety of functions and choices to satisfy your unique business requirements. Although an MFP may appear to be an expensive purchase at first, the numerous benefits surpass the initial cost.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to purchasing a good quality wide format printer for your business, you need to take various factors into consideration. Epson SureColor SC-T7200, with its commercial-grade reliability and powerful performance, would be an excellent choice for busy print production environments. If you need help choosing the best Epson large format printer that fits your business needs, you can contact the professionals at National Printing Centre (NPC) LLC.

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