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After many years of development and political debate on energy, there is no longer any doubt about the consolidation of the photovoltaic industry. Renewable energies far outpace fossil fuels in the race for a green, clean and sustainable future . Still, there are plenty of fun facts about energy that most people don’t know. We tell you.


  1. Solar energy is the most abundant energy source on Earth


There is enough solar energy in Pakistan on the entire Earth every hour to more than meet all of humanity’s energy needs for an entire year. Each barrel of oil, each extraction of coal in a mine and each liter of natural gas can be replaced by the sunlight that reaches our planet every day. If you want to delve deeper into this topic, we suggest you read:  energy in Spain and its future . This is the first of all the curious facts about  energy that we present to you, if you are curious keep reading.


  1. Solar panel costs have fallen 99% since the 1980s


In the late 1970s and early 1980s, a panel cost the equivalent of almost $100. Today, a single installed  cell module is capable of costing less than $0.40 per watt. If you have been wanting, we suggest you learn more technical aspects about panels .


  1. Solar energy is cheaper than fossil fuels


And it would be even cheaper if you remove subsidies and taxes that are levied and make the price of photovoltaic energy more expensive. The price is even more affordable in countries with high rates of annual  irradiation, such as Spain . Do you want to know more about  irradiation? We propose the places in Spain with the highest  irradiation .


  1. Solar power plants can last 40 years or more


The construction and installation of  power plants have a lifetime with the maximum efficiency capacity of more than 25 years . And the approximate total duration easily reaches 40 years without the need to carry out expensive maintenance systems. If you want to see an example of this aspect, see how our client, CSC Consuegra, will save more than 30,600 euros a year on their electricity bill .


  1. China is the world leader in solar energy by far


In 2017, China installed 24.4 GW in the first half of that year alone and likely topped 50 GW soon after. Some of the largest solar installations in the world are located in the Asian country and are serving to accelerate the urbanization and development processes of large Chinese cities . In case you are interested, the largest photovoltaic installations in the world .


  1. Photovoltaic installations exceed 50% per year


The combination of low costs with inexpensive maintenance routines allow Solar Panel Price in Pakistan to be the largest type of energy installation each year . Every day more photovoltaic panels are installed in buildings, offices and private homes in search of achieving self-consumption and energy efficiency .


  1. How much solar energy does the Earth receive?


Planet Earth receives 174 Petawatts of incoming solar radiation in the upper atmosphere. About 30% is reflected back into space while the rest is absorbed by oceans, clouds and land masses.


  1. Solar energy is the fastest energy source to deploy


When disaster strikes, photovoltaic installations can be quickly built or repaired , in a matter of weeks. No fossil fuel power plant, nor any other renewable energy facility. Can be capable of generating emergency power in less time. In any case, if you already have a solar installation, we give you some tips to carry out good maintenance .


  1. Take a good look: there is a solar panel near you


Typical huge solar power plants built in remote deserts may surely catch your eye. But if you look around I’m sure you’ll easily find solar panels installed on rooftops in neighborhood communities. Or on bright hillsides near factories .


  1. Solar energy creates community


Supporters of a better life, care for the environment and the search for energy self -consumption are grouping.Together in sustainable communities united by the installation and use of efficient solar panels . We invite you to continue investigating and discover why


Now that you know some fun facts about solar energy, it’s time to join this green movement. Whether in your home if you live in a community of owners through shared self -consumption. Or if you have a company committed to photovoltaic self-consumption for companies . One thing is clear, the savings on your electricity bill will skyrocket exponentially. If you are one of those who do not believe without seeing take a look at our projects. We explain data by data how savings are achieve.


Do it with the guaranteed savings offered by E4e Solutions in all our solar panel installations. Not only that, we are so sure that you will save that we assume the investment.

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