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Five Quick Tips to Prepare Your Home for an Open House

Are you considering placing a “For Sale” sign this spring on the front lawn? If so, you should make a few improvements, including repairing your kitchen cabinet’s wobbly knob or repainting your dingy brown refrigerator. Even though these minor flaws might not seem like a huge concern individually, they can give your home a pretty unfavorable impression.

1. Fill in the Scratches in Your Hardwood Floor

The condition of your floors should be given special consideration when upgrading a home for sale. Before scheduling any open houses, any nicks and scrapes on the hardwood floors should be fixed because they are particularly horrifying to look at.

How to Cover Scratches on a Hardwood Floor

  • Determine the Severity: Light scratches can be removed with steel wool, while deeper ones can be removed with fine (180 grit) sandpaper.
  • Mineral spirits should be applied to the scratch to cover it and remove any remaining dust.
  • Use Wood Filler: Fill in the scratch with wood filler that matches the color of your floor using a plastic putty knife.
  • Sand and wipe: Sand the scrape once more, then wipe away the dust.
  • Refinish the Board: Using a natural bristle brush, seal the sanded area with varnish or polyurethane.

2. Quickly give outdated appliances a facelift

Before hosting an open house, it’s a good idea for sellers to give any large kitchen appliances that appear a little old a short facelift. It will prevent potential buyers from being turned off by your outdated appliances. Any of the following goods will work:

Stick-On Panels that Look and Feel Like Stainless Steel: For a fraction of the cost, you can give your appliances a contemporary look by using adhesive panels that resemble stainless steel.

Utilizing paint designed exclusively for refrigerators and ovens, you might also repaint your appliance.

3. Refresh the Paint on Your Walls

Giving your walls a new coat of paint is a terrific method to modernize your house so that it will sell faster. Focus on the living room, kitchen, and other first-floor rooms where potential buyers may spend a lot of time if you don’t have time for a complete home refresh. If you’re a little rusty, check out our DIY home renovation guide for Construction companies in West London-specific painting advice and instructions.

4. Tighten or exchange the cabinet handles.

You should pay attention to this house selling advice if the handles on your kitchen cabinets or china hutch are loose. Most handles can be fastened by tightening the screw beneath the cabinet face with a screwdriver. You can try this easy fix if your cabinet knob or handle has pulled off the screw:

How to Fix Cabinet Pulls and Knobs Quickly:

  • The screw hole should have a small drop of wood glue in it.
  • Split the toothpick in half. The two halves should be inserted into the gap.
  • To make the ends of the toothpicks flush with the screw hole, break them once more.
  • Rethread the screw with the knob attached.

5. Refinish and repaint your countertops, tip.

Several years of use will be visible on the surface of your countertops, whether they are made of granite or laminate, in some way. Additionally, those dings and dents might be pretty ugly, especially to the picky house buyer. Thankfully, there are various techniques to restore your countertop to a new condition:

When laminating:

On dents and chips, use laminate repair paste, being cautious to precisely fill each divot. You cannot sand away the extra paste once it has dried and hardened.

Apply the mixture of baking soda and water to any spots on your countertop. After letting it sit for a few hours, use a paper towel to wipe it away.

For Granite:

To bring back the sparkle of your granite, use an acrylic finish. Apply the product in two coats using a lint-free brush, then give it a short buff when it has dried.

For scratches or chips on the granite’s surface, use epoxy or resin that matches the hue. After the epoxy has dried, sand and seal it to ensure seamless integration.

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