Flowers : List of Flowering plants that you can grow with your little one

Flowering plants that you can grow with your little one

Encourage the development of children! Get them outside in the garden so they may learn through doing. Children can let loose and let off some steam when they are outside. Your garden can double as an outdoor school where you can connect your children to nature and the environment while teaching them how and where we receive our food. Even the youngest children like studying the earth, plants, and insects. When choosing plants, a few things to keep in mind are encouraging children to enjoy gardening. To keep folks with short attention spans engaged, they should germinate quickly, yield a crop soon, and require little upkeep beyond watering and feeding. Fortunately, many plants meet these requirements. Point them in the direction of big-seeded or quickly expanding plants, like: 

Daisy – Flowers

Daisies are short perennial flowers. They come in various kinds and can be grown in every rainbow color. Daisies grow so quickly that they are ideal for youngsters to grow. They can be harvested, and they will continue to bear blossoms. Daisies are the ideal flower for kids since they adore picking and stroking them. You Can also buy these flowers and plants online or send them to your loved ones with same day flower delivery.


Sunflowers are a favorite summer and a terrific plant for children to nurture. Because of their size, they are simple to spot when planting, and they thrive in most sunny environments with routine watering. These quick-growing flowers can quickly outgrow the kids, with some types reaching heights of up to 14 feet. Choose branching sunflower kinds so you can have several blooms. You can have sunflowers from the middle of summer into the fall if you stagger when you plant them by planting 5 sunflowers, then 5 more the next week, and so on. 

Peace lily – Flowers

The Peace Lily is a plant that lives up to its name, with leaves clusters of gleaming, golden ovals. The shrub is covered in cream-white hooded flowers in the spring and early summer. The Peace Lily is a real exception to the myth that attractive plants require a lot of upkeep. Peace Lily is one of the few and extremely rare indoor flowering plants, and it is also a good detoxifier. Place your plant in a location that receives enough indirect sunlight to take care of it. The Peace Lily prefers damp soil and dislikes being submerged in calm water. You can water your plant with roughly 50 ml of water if it feels dry to the touch. 


Strawflowers are excellent plants for kids to grow. The blossoms resemble straw or paper. Its texture is rough, crunchy, and prickly. Cut the flowers to make a lovely floral arrangement. 

Petunias – Flowers

Petunias appear to keep getting better. They are so low-maintenance that you can put them in a container and forget about them for a few days. Petunias might start to wilt a little, but if you give them some water, they’ll quickly recover. They are simple plants that children can grow. Kids love deadheading because it’s so much fun. When you show children how to deadhead petunias, they will be amazed when fresh blooms appear.


a very simple-to-grow flower seed that blooms all summer long with cheery, vibrant blossoms. The seeds are quite simple to handle, and it is easy to see exactly where they have been planted. Additionally, marigolds deter whiteflies, so if you are growing tomatoes nearby, they will act as a natural repellent. 

Lavender – Flowers

By planting some lavender, you can give your child a small taste of France. This lovely flower, which has a relaxing aroma and is also quite appealing to look at, may use for many different things. Include drawer fresheners, soaps, and much more! Check out further mini-projects you and your little gardener can participate in! The best advice is to make sure they have enough water throughout the next hotter months, even though you may grow these wonderful flowers at any time. 

Sweet peas 

Observing Sweet Peas climb a trellis has a certain allure. Your children may be curious how this plant, as it climbs higher, appears to “know” where the support is. Your children will observe how the plant’s delicate tendrils slowly sway in a circle in search of something to grasp onto. Sweet peas are incredibly fragrant once they bloom and create a perfect flower bouquet

When we consider the unique requirements of each flower, we discover that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. If we treat each flower the same, some will drown under the weight of constant watering others wither and fry in the scorching heat. But when we take the time to attend to each flower’s specific demands, it may bloom and flourish.

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