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Guidelines For Using Matte Liquid Lipsticks

Since matte liquid lipsticks are THE trend, we want to flaunt them whenever and wherever we can. However, we can’t dispute the reality that liquid lipsticks cause bleeding and feathering because they dry out our lips and cause them to split. If you want to try a subtler lipstick texture than your usual glossy ones, liquid lipsticks are a perfect choice. For every makeup enthusiast, matte liquid lipsticks are a must-have and a must-try because of their intensely saturated, long-lasting color.

We’ve all caught ourselves envious of those around us who always have the perfect pout. And when we witness our pals effortlessly rocking liquid lipsticks, we too daydream about doing the same. However, if you’re unable to, we support you in that. Nothing less than mastering that winged eyeliner is required to properly apply liquid lipstick. We have our lucky days with liquid lipsticks, just like you do with your winged eyeliners. So, if you want to get this trend right the first time, we can help! We’ll discuss liquid lipstick application do’s and don’ts in today’s lesson. Here’s how to use liquid lip colors already in your collection to achieve a red carpet-worthy pucker.

Exfoliate your lips and keep them hydrated

When applied, matte lipsticks occasionally have a tendency to dry out, which increases the risk of developing lip lines and chapped skin. By thoroughly hydrating your lips and using a lip scrub to remove all the dry skin, you may prevent this. This will offer a soft, smooth surface on which to apply lipstick. This will not only improve the appearance of your lipstick but also ensure that your lips won’t feel dry all day.

Don’t: Use liquid lipstick on chapped, parched lips

A lip primer is an essential product, just as an eyeshadow primer or a face primer. It extends the life of your lipstick, improves the texture’s appearance, and makes wearing it more bearable. When your lips are severely dry and you can’t keep reapplying lip balm all day, a lip primer is helpful. It offers sufficient hydration for wearing matte lipstick all day.

Don’t: Apply it too much

Staying within the lines is quite challenging when using liquid lipstick. Additionally, drawing outside of the lines can quickly appear shabby because liquid lipsticks are considerably more pigmented and noticeable than bullet lipsticks. Apply an even, thin layer after lining your lips to avoid this.

Do: Draw a lip pencil outline.

It’s a good idea to lip pencil the borders of your lips before applying matte lipstick. A lip liner makes a good guide for application whether you’re using liquid or bullet lipstick. For this, you can either use nude lipstick that blends well with every shade or a lip pencil in the appropriate color.

Don’t: Smack your lips together right away

If you’re using a liquid lipstick, avoid doing this. If you rub your lips before the lipstick has had a chance to fully dry, it will quickly become patchy and uneven and continue to dry in that condition. Keep your lips apart until the lipstick has dried, and then you’re ready.

Do: Begin putting on lipstick gradually

Always start slowly and build up your makeup application as you go. Similar to this, when applying lipstick, you should start with a thin layer and gradually increase the strength and opacity. Additionally, liquid lipsticks typically have enough pigment to produce the desired effects in a single, thin layer.

Don’t: Reapplying before the initial coat has dried

Be patient if you want to layer your liquid lipstick. Before applying the second coat of lipstick, let the first layer completely dry. Reapplying your lipstick before the initial coat has fully dried will make it appear thick and heavy.

Do: Permit lipstick to dry

Wait for the lipstick to dry completely before squeezing your lips together after evenly coating your lips with lipstick. To prevent lipstick from spreading or developing spots, keep your lips slightly apart while waiting for it to dry.

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