How and Where to Look For Wholesale Companies Selling Jewelry

How and Where to Look For Wholesale Companies Selling Jewelry

Whether through an online jewelry shop or a brick-and-mortar outlet, selling products can be a good business. However, after organizing your store, you face a huge hurdle—finding wholesale distributors for your store. Unless you are good at wholesale distribution, you’ll discover this to be no convenient feat. From discovering and vetting suppliers to organizing a good relationship with them, the entire procedure may be tough for a small business. In this post, we will give you approaches to finding wholesale distributors for your business. 

1. Run a Google Search

Google is an excellent place to begin any research. However, you might also want to do more than simply a daily search when it comes to wholesale distributors. This is because they do not often optimize their websites for search engines, which means finding them on Google isn’t that easy.

To amplify your chances of finding high-quality wholesale distributors online, you need to perform centered searches. You can strive for unique search words such as “supplier,” “reseller,” “distributor,” “wholesaler,” etc. You can also combine this with a precise product you prefer to promote and the area you are in.

2. Check Wholesale Jewelry Marketplaces

Wholesale marketplaces are platforms that join outlets like you with producers and wholesale distributors of several items. Although there is no scarcity of these platforms, you probably prefer to use a market that makes it handy for small corporations to purchase wholesale

3. Subscribe To Industry Publications

Trade magazines and other publications particular to your business are some first-class locations to find the right wholesale distributors. Check out their advert section, where you will find a listing of vetted producers and distributors, alongside their updated contact information. Subscribing to applicable publications makes product sourcing easier with the help of giving you heaps of wholesale contacts to attain.

Besides exchanging magazines, you can subscribe to online newsletters and blogs. Not only will they help you find online wholesale vendors, but, they will also give you a wealth of up-to-date information about your industry.

4. Read the Label

One of the most simple methods of finding wholesale companies is by contacting the manufacturer. Almost all producers mention their details and contact data on the product’s label, which you can use to inquire about distributors. Contacting the producer can help you reduce middlemen who might also consume your profits. You can ask the producer for a reliable listing of distributors to weed out such parties.

5. Join Online Communities and Associations

Sometimes, the right wholesale distributor suggestions come from other business owners. Your job is to find and network with them. You can do this by becoming a member of online agencies where they typically hold out.

6. Attend a Trade Show

However, a good way to find wholesale distributors is to attend trade shows in your industry. These activities allow you to meet dozens of producers and product distributors. Plus, face-to-face communication provides a possibility to enhance a properly working relationship and negotiate great prices.

So, these are a few ways to find wholesale jewelry suppliers in the UK. 


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