How Can I Get The Most Money For My Gold Jewellery: The Best Used Gold Jewellery Buyer In Delhi

Gold prices in India are higher than ever before. 10 grams of 24-carat gold have a value of around 52,785 rupees, while 10 grams of 22-carat gold have a value of 47,750 rupees nowadays. Prices are thought to reach their highest by the end of this year.

People who had invested in gold and silver coins are now thinking of selling them to take advantage of the high prices of these metals now. Some investors are waiting for these prices to go even higher. Even women who have some heavy gold and silver earrings that they never wear are thinking of selling them to invest in their own businesses.

So if you also have a jumble of some heavy chains in your jewellery box, it may prove to be valuable for you now, especially when sold collectively. But the problem is how and where to sell old gold coins to make the most money out of them. We are here to answer all of your questions. In the end, we’ll tell you where to sell gold jewellery in Noida and Delhi to get what it’s worth.

Is it the right time to sell your jewellery?

The first choice, whether you should sell your jewellery now or not, is all yours. But we can give you some recommendations here.

If they are not doubling in your home, then what’s the point of leaving them there when you can invest in a profitable business now? If you have a proper business strategy, it will be too late to wait for the gold price to go higher and invest in it then. By that time, you could make a profit from your business several times more than what your gold is worth now

Now comes the option for those women who just want to sell their gold and diamond jewellery, which typically contains less metal, just because it is outdated and is no longer in fashion these days. Ladies! We recommend you wait for now and sell your jewellery after a few months. When you buy new jewellery for the price of your old jewellery, who knows you may get an extra pair of earrings?

How do you get the most for your jewellery?

The best approach to getting the most money possible for your jewels is to remain realistic about their worth. When you accept the fact that your jewellery has only that value which it will be worth when melted down, it will be easier for you to accept things. If you have sentimental value attached to your ornaments, don’t consider selling them at first. If you still do want to sell them, make sure to get appraisals and don’t add your emotional value to them.

Here are the five simple steps to follow before selling your jewellery to get its actual value.

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1.    Follow trends of the day

Before you go and get appraisals, always remember to conduct thorough research on gold trends for the day. This is the only way you can confirm its actual worth so that you’ll be able to negotiate with the buyer if he gives you less money than the actual value of the ornaments.

2.    Calculate its worth


Establish the value of your valuables on your own. If possible, try to determine the melt value of your jewellery, excluding all the stones and other stuff. Weigh the pieces and confirm the karat rating of your jewellery with the help of the original receipt. Here’s the formula to calculate your gold, silver, or diamond’s worth:                        The daily price of metal × purity of the metal (e.g: Karats in case of Gold) × weight of metal without stones

If you think you can’t do it on your own, visit the nearest  Used Gold Jewellery Buyer In Delhi to get an appraisal. Don’t forget to get multiple appraisals.

3.    Shop around

Going to one buyer, getting his appraisal, and selling your jewellery to him in one go is a foolish act. Once you visit multiple buyers, you will know how much their bids differ from one another. Some buyers tend to take this opportunity to manipulate you by claiming that your gold is not pure, or that you have to pay the processing fees or appraisal fees, etc.

To avoid getting scammed, it is better to shop around and visit multiple buyers. Then shortlist the ones with the best customer service and who offer the best bids. Select the one who offers you the best possible value for your jewels.

4.    Check reviews of online buyers

When selling your jewellery online, make sure that the buyer is credible. Check for the certifications and testimonials available on their websites. For online buyers too, don’t forget to visit multiple websites to choose the best one.

After evaluating certain buyers and choosing the best one, make sure to rely on the reviews given by other clients. If, for instance, some reviews say that the buyer helped him get the best value for their jewellery as compared to others in the market, go and deal with that buyer. A credible buyer is likely to offer you the most value for your jewels.

5.    Select the best buyer

We have given certain tips to choose the best buyer in your area. See that information to select the best gold, silver, and diamond jewellery buyer in Delhi and Noida.

What are the best ways to sell your old jewellery?

The two best methods for selling your old silver, gold, and diamond jewellery in Delhi are:

  1. Online Gold buyer
  2. A local gold buyer in your area

Selling your old ornaments to a local buyer has more advantages than selling them online. At local buyers’ outlets, you will be able to receive your money instantly, either as cash or cheque. You can sell your jewellery at the same time you receive a good offer from the buyer. Moreover, a local buyer can be trusted more easily.

Although there are much online gold, silver, and diamond buyers, you have to do some homework to check the credibility of these buyers before you send them your jewellery. Since some online buyers are just scammers and nothing else, you have to confirm beforehand if they have a good reputation in the market. Moreover, your money will arrive more slowly if you consult online gold buyers. It takes a long procedure to first mail them your jewellery, then get an appraisal, then send them confirmation and then receive your cash at the very last.

The best diamond, gold and silver buyer near me

If you live anywhere in Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, and the surroundings, you can sell your jewellery to us. We are an awarded  ornament  buyers in the industry who give you four important services:

  1. Cash on Gold
  2. Cash on Silver
  3. Cash on Diamonds
  4. Cash on Silver and Gold coins

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