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How Is PTTI Delivering Training Sessions Amidst The Pandemic?

From the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, PTTI has shown courage and determination. By helping its students and colleagues through the most challenging time of their lives. Technician schools such as the PTTI drive to enhance the lives of aspiring students. However, the effects of the pandemic might have encouraged more people to consider technician schools.

Technician schools are better for several reasons such as, short tenure, way less expensive, hands-on training, earning while learning. Moreover, guidance for the rest of life and ofcourse the demand of skilled trade jobs. But then again, there are a lot of options in the market students should always research first. Then choose the right option. 

The school should be accredited, should have the motivating instructors. Not just that, it should be able to provide financial aid. Because no one deserves to miss an opportunity at a great life only because of financial instability. Well, now let’s move on to the reasons to opt for PTTI…

Why Should One Choose PTTI?

  • Several Hands-on Courses

No doubt, PTTI offers a variety of programs. The variety is also unique, from the automation course to the sterile courses. Therefore, you can go for the courses according to your interests.

  • Hands-on Training

PTTI delivers hands-on training that equips students for real-world situations. With hands-on training, the scholar is one step ahead in landing the skilled trade jobs in demand of their choice.

  •  Relevant Skills in Less Time

PTTI offers benefits to high school students and adults switching jobs. Indeed, these training programs give graduates enough skills for an entry-level position in their given trade. Moreover, career college graduate students can start earning right away.

  • Flexible Schedules

PTTI delivers day and evening classes for those with responsibilities during the day. Do you have a daytime job or care for a family member? Well, then it is not going to be a problemwith the flexible scheduling in PTTI.

What Is The Importance Of Opting For Accredited Career in Trades Colleges?

Although there may be numerous career colleges in Philadelphia, one should enroll in the best and an accredited one. Accredited colleges have higher placement momenta in comparison to others. But, looking for the right and most suited college requires research. And you should know nowadays, the overall placement rate at PTTI for any skilled trades course is approximately 94 percent. 

Leaning on your preferences, you can consider either morning or evening classes in PTTI. On the other hand, you also obtain hands-on experience sessions from industrial experts. Once you finish your studies, you may also acquire placement assistance. 

Accredited colleges also assist individuals in mastering all the essential skills in their domain. Therefore, if you acknowledge this is an ideal job for you, hurry up and opt for the skilled trades industry today!

What Vocational Programs Are Available In PTTI?

  • Welding Technology

A welder generally encounters metal and components to mend or build various equipment pieces. Additionally, welders are trained in combining metals employing heat and power. Furthermore, it is one of the highest-paying careers in trades. Moreover, they operate with heavy instruments and machinery to fix various metal structures. 

  • Automotive Training And Repair Technician

Automotive technicians are tradespeople specializing in repairs and maintaining commercial vehicles. Plus, they have to repair mechanical problems with vehicles. For instance, repair or replace defective or damaged appliance parts upon approval from the customers.

  • Manufacturing And Automation

A manufacturing work generally involves creating products from raw material or different elements through physical, chemical, or mechanical means. Indeed, people are unaware of automation, but trade jobs help to facilitate their environment. For instance, businesses operate collaborative robots to hitch human operations. 

  • Steam, Sprinkler, And Pipe Fitting

Plumbers usually deal with cutting, threading, or hammering pipes using pipe threaders, cutting torches, or pipe benders. Their job is to construct or inaugurate diagrams and inspect plumbing systems or fixtures. Moreover,  Philadelphia technical college also delivers detailed engagement in planning pipe system layout, installation, or repair.

  • Central Processing And Service

  Aspirants have to accomplish duties specialized as Central Service Technicians, including allocating equipment and dispersing supplies to UCLA Health System. Thus, they provide assignments according to administrative goals. 

  • Concreting, Masonry, And Framing

A concrete trainer begins as a concrete mason. Apart from that, these people know the trade and understand the skills essential to become proficient. Mason is a tradesperson who gets training in the masonry profession. Then, they operate with different materials, including brick, block, and stone, to create structures. 


Once you begin working in the skilled trades industry, you are sure to witness a significant career change. Similarly, you will get to enjoy additional flexible schedules and holidays.

 Apart from that, your overall pay and earnings will also be pretty high. Undoubtedly, you must consider this profession without giving it a second thought! Thus, browse for free trade schools near me in Philadelphia pa today!

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