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How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Cross-Platform App?

Cost To Develop A Cross-Platform App

Are you considering building an app to kick-start your business’s digital presence? Then, you must be planning to release apps for both iOS and Android platforms. Right?

In today’s competitive market, you will be left behind if you aim to target only one operating system. Moreover, enterprises cannot afford to hire developers for different platforms, particularly startups.

However, why develop separate iOS or Android apps when you can build something to house them by accomplishing half the work?

Through the cross-platform app development strategy, you can make a single app that provides a native-like feel to Android and iOS users. You can hire cross-platform app developers to create engaging, interactive, and user-friendly hybrid apps.

This blog will discuss the cost-driving factors of building a cross-platform app.

So, let’s dive in.

Essential Factors Determining The Cost of Cross-platform App Development Services

App Type

The type of app you wish to create determines the overall cross-platform app development cost. The cost differs depending on the app type, like eCommerce, social networking, on-demand, Fintech, EdTech, logistics, etc.

Number of Operating Systems 

The cross-platform development cost relies on the platform you decide to release your app. If you prefer the native app development strategy, the price ranges from $40000 to $100,000 or more, depending on the features. Whereas choosing a cross-platform development approach is cost-efficient, where apps cost ranges from $20000 to $50,000 or more.

App Design

Your application design is crucial as it draws users’ attention. A lousy app design can harm user experience and make them leave your app soon. An interactive, user-friendly, and engaging app fetches better app usability and downloads results.

If you wish to take your application design game to an entirely new level, consider taking help from a cross-platform app development services provider that can design an excellent UI with exceptional UX within your budget. The UX/UI design costs range from $5,000 to $20,000, depending on your app’s requirements. 

The complexity of the App

The cost to build cross-platform apps depends on the functionality and features you wish to integrate into your app. The more features, the more you will have to spend. It will cost you less to create a basic app with basic features. 

Development Choices: DIY vs. Freelancer vs. Agency

It will not cost you more if you choose to do it yourself. However, hiring a freelancer may cost you less as you are only required to pay one person for your project. But, hiring a renowned React Native app development firm to build your cross-platform app flawlessly is highly recommended. 

Cost To Build a Cross-Platform App From React Native App Development Firm

Simple Apps (With Basic Features)

These apps are built with simple UI and fundamental features like login, user profile, search, etc. These apps mainly range from $15,000 to $30,000 or more, depending on your business needs. 

Moderate Apps (With Average Features)

Along with essential features, moderate apps include features like social login, geolocation, etc. These apps normally range from $25,000 to $45,000 or more.

Advanced Apps (With Complex Features)

These apps have all the advanced functionalities you can imagine. Furthermore, these apps can’t be developed via the DIY approach; you require hiring skilled professionals. These apps cost you around $40,000 to $100,000 or more.

Final Wordings

Developing a cross-platform will range from $20,000 to $100,000. However, the price will depend on the diverse aspects which are discussed above. But, before taking the help of an app development company, you should check their portfolio, experience, reviews, and ratings.

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