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How Search Engine Optimization on YouTube can be Improved?


To start, the content should be of high quality, interesting, comprehensible, and involving. The following ideas are good ways to create quality content.

  1. Interviews: Some channels specialize in this format but you can also post interviews alongside your other videos. It can also be useful if your company representatives sometimes give interviews to other channels to increase brand awareness.
  2. Reviews: Through this format, it is easy to talk about the benefits of goods and services that your brand offers.
  3. Explanations: The most common YouTube queries start with “how to …”. Users search for content that can explain what they don’t understand themselves. Videos tend to be a more understandable format than text.

Below are YouTube SEO agency best practices regarding content.


# 1 Begin the description of the video with the primary keyword.

The official recommendation provided by YouTube is to place the primary keyword at the beginning of the description. If you can’t fit the term into the opening phrase, at least make sure it’s there in the first sentence.

There is a limit of 1000 characters for the amount of text that can be included in the description of a YouTube video. It is not essential to make use of each and every one of them. Your subscribers didn’t come to read; they came to watch. Additionally, the platform only shows the first few lines under the video, which totals about 100 characters. Users will need to click on the description in order to view further content. Therefore, it is essential to highlight the most significant facts and connections right away.

#2 Make Use of Tags and LSI Words

It is recommended by YouTube that tags be added to the description. On the other hand, the quantity of tags does not have an obvious bearing on the quality of the movie. The platform is capable of understanding video content even without the assistance of metadata; however, the metadata can still assist it in determining whether the publication is helpful and whether it would be beneficial to move it to the top.

Keywords and tags may overlap, or the tags themselves may be synonyms known as LSI keywords. The ideal number of tags is between ten and twelve words.

# 3 Upload any necessary subtitles.

YouTube is currently available in 61 countries and 61 languages throughout the world. It is not required that you translate the content into each of their languages; however, at the very least, you should submit the subtitles in English and make a copy of the audio track that includes text.

In the beginning, the concept of including subtitles in media was conceived so that individuals who struggled with their hearing could still get familiar with the material. On the other hand, this function is truly helpful for a variety of different viewers. They now have the option to watch the video with no sound if that is more convenient for them. People who either aren’t fluent in the spoken language or have trouble understanding what they hear can benefit from this as well.

There is a feature on YouTube that can generate automatic subtitles, although the functionality is not entirely reliable. It is recommended that you upload your own subtitles in SRT format.

# 4 Rename the original video file before uploading it to YouTube

Because YouTube is unable to see the video once it has been downloaded, the platform uses keywords to determine whether or not the content is relevant. This occurs during the initial uploading of the material. Before you begin this process, you should thus rename the file with a keyword and create separators between the various words in the file name.

For instance, if the primary keyword that you are targeting is “essay writing tips,” the file that you create will have the name “essay writing” or “” It will be much simpler for YouTube to comprehend the name if you do it this way.


Video is audio-visual content. The visual component is the first part that is examined, and this occurs even before the magazine is opened or the file is downloaded. As a result, it can be utilized to both draw attention to itself and enhance its usability.

#5 Integrate Cards and Complete Screens

Cards are graphical elements that may be customized by the user so that they display in the video when it is played to promote the user’s brand. In a single publication, you are permitted to include a maximum of five cards of each of the following types:

  • Change over to a different channel.
  • Give money to charitable organizations.
  • Donate money to the creator of the video.
  • Follow the link to access the resource maintained by a third party.
  • Carry out surveys.
  • Upload fresh material to your YouTube channel (another video or playlist).

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