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How To Conduct House Shifting with Pets?

House shifting is a major sway in one’s life. Whether we move alone or with our family, it is equally exhausting. The good side of house shifting that we like is the change in the fresh set-up of our home as we shift into a new house in a new place. Our usual disposition is to thrive for betterment in our lives; for better employment opportunities and a better lifestyle. However, house shifting from one place to another is itself a very exasperating process for us human beings. Can you imagine how difficult it must be for the pets to get through this entire shifting process?

Pets get easily agitated and anxious when they see or feel that there is a sudden change in the usual activities at home or outside. During House shifting, you need to hire a team of packers and movers to execute the relocation with ease and efficiency. A team of packers and movers comprises a lot of unfamiliar faces and a lot of commotion. The pets don’t like any of it no matter what kind of pet you have; be it a dog, cat, rabbit, guinea pig, bird, or fish.

The obstacles that you might face in house shifting with your pets do not have a standard solution meant for all pets. Yet, we can certainly provide you with some guidelines that will make your pets less disturbed during the shifting process.

Set up an Overnight Kit

House shifting is a chaotic activity and right after your shift, you are bound to get drained out. You won’t have the patience or energy to look around for that favourite toy of your dog or the litter tray of your cat. In such scenarios, an overnight kit can save you from a lot of trouble through the process of shifting.

Pack the pet essentials before the day of your shifting. Your pet’s overnight kit should consist of feeding bowls, pre-packaged food, toys, grooming tools, etc. If you have a cat, don’t forget to pack the litter tray in the overnight kit.  It will help your little darlings with the essential supplies needed for the first few days after the house shifting.

Consult your Vet

If you are shifting from one city to another, update your vet and remember to carry the records and prescription medicines with you. Request them to refer you to another veterinary doctor in the new city.

Pets should be kept secluded

During the house shifting process, keep them in a quiet corner away from all the ongoing upheaval. They won’t like their personal space being intruded on by outsiders, so they will freak out for sure. Request a known friend to foster your pet for a day, or you can keep it in a pet hostel on the day of the move.

If you don’t want to keep them anywhere else, then keep them in an isolated room with the doors closed. Provide sufficient food and water in their feeding bowls. Hand out a few of their favourite toys to keep them occupied while you are busy with the house shifting errands. Keep checking on them after every few hours to make sure of their comfort.

Move them with you

Move your pet with you in your private vehicle. Small pets like puppies, kittens, rabbits, and guinea pigs can be carried in a pet carrier. You can keep inside the carriers and fasten a seat belt in the back seat to minimise the jerks while travelling.  Grownup dogs can be carried along with their kennels in the back seat, keeping the seat down.

During long-distance house-shifting, if you are availing of a flight, you have to get permission for your pet and also abide by the airline guidelines for the pets. Needless to say, pets get severely shocked after travelling by flight and this trauma lasts them for days after their travel.

Don’t let your Pet out till you Reach

Don’t let your pet move out of the kennel or the carrier in the car while you are on the go. They feel nervous and start behaving aggressively, even if they are very well-behaved otherwise. As soon as you arrive at your destination, unload your belongings first and then get your pet out of the car. Ensure that your pet is constrained to the premises of the new house and not outside the main gate. They are not familiar with the new locality and they can get lost. Let your pet get familiarised with the new house for the first few days before you start taking them out for a walk.

Keep your Pet Isolated

During House shifting, pack, load, and move all your things first; move your pet at last. Treat your fur baby as a family member. As you shift, your pet shifts with you, positioned right next to you. After arriving at your new house, unload all your things and shift them to their respective rooms. Shift all the large pieces of furniture. Set up the beds and put on the mattresses. Put up the sofas and huge glass surfaces and mirrors in the right places. After setting up the house, release your pet in the new house. Give them their favorite toys and their blanket to make them comfortable. Show extra attention and shower them with lots of love and cuddles, as it makes them overcome their anxieties faster.

Update their Info-tags

After the completion of the entire house shifting procedure, don’t forget to update their new address and phone number in their info tags.

Your Call After All

Every soul has a different story, a different temperament. The same goes for your pets too. No two cats have the same nature, and no two dogs behave alike. Their thoughts, their feelings, their physical endurance, and their way of dealing with fear and anxiety are diverse. It is unpredictable to foresee the response of your pet to your house shifting process.  Yet, being a caring pet parent, it is your responsibility to see that your fur baby feels safe, relaxed, and hale and hearty all the time.

Follow the above-mentioned tips while conducting house shifting with pets to make it an easy procedure for you and your beloved pets. I wish you a “paw-positive” and “perfect” house shifting!


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