How to Get Employer Sponsored Visa 186!

The ENS visa or Employer nomination scheme visa helps eligible Australian employers to sponsor skilled international workers to work and reside permanently in Australia.

The employer sponsored visa in Adelaide is a permanent visa; after it is granted, the holder can enjoy many benefits and facilities in Australia. In this guide, you will know various things about the 186 visa and how to acquire it.

Streams Under the Employee Sponsored Visa

There are three streams under this specific Australian visa, and they are:

  • Temporary Residence Transition stream

  • Labour agreement stream

  • Direct entry stream.

Temporary Residence Transition (TRT) Stream

This 186 visa stream lets applicants who possess a subclass 457 visa with a nominating employer apply for permanent residence in the country. If you want to be selected under this stream:

  • The nominating employer requires:

  1. To Carry on lawfully and actively operating.

  2. To continue meeting the specific training requirements.

  3. To follow the rules and obligations as an approved visa sponsor.

  4. Not to have any false information about the country.

  • The nominated position requires:

  1. To be in the same position that was approved for this specific visa.

  2. To continue being in a good and legal position.

  3. To be in a full-time position for at least two years till the visa is granted.

  4. To keep meeting the market salary rate and conditions that are similar to Australia.

  • The visa applicant requires:

  1. To have a 457 Australian visa to work in the nominated position along with the nominating employer for two years before lodging the application.

  2. To have basic English language skills.

  3. To meet specific health and character requirements.

Direct Entry Stream

This is another stream under the visa that allows applicants unable to meet the requirements of the TRT stream to get nominated by an employer for permanent residence.

If you want to be approved under this visa stream, you need to fulfill the following criteria:

  • The nominated employer requires:

  1. To be lawfully and actively operating in the land of Kangaroos

  2. To meet the specific training requirements

  3. To have no false information about the country

  • The nominated position requires:

  1. To be a genuine position

  2. To be a permanent position that should be available for at least two years

  3. To be an occupation that is listed under the CSOL list

  • The visa applicant requires:

  1. To be less than 50 years of age

  2. To show that they have the basic English skills

  3. To have a successful skills assessment for the nominated occupation from the specific assessing authority

  4. To have a minimum of three years of work experience in that specific field

  5. To meet the specific health and character requirements.

Labour Agreement Stream

This 186 visa stream is for the applicants nominated by employers who have entered into a labour agreement stream that is agreed upon by the Australian government. The applicants under this 186 visa Australia stream must meet the skills, English language, age, health, and character requirements.

Visa Checklist for the Subclass 186 Visa

If you want to acquire the 186 visas without any problems, you must follow the checklist for this visa. This can help you to apply for 186 visas in Australia without problems easily. The conditions for this Australian visa are as follows:

  • Before you apply for this nomination scheme, you must ensure that you have completed the English language and skill assessment tests.

  • You need to meet the health and character requirements for this visa.

  • You must collect all the documents for this visa like your identity card, work experience certificate, and much more.

  • After that, you need to log in to your ImmiAccount and apply for the 186 visa application form.

  • You are required to provide all the important details required for this specific visa to be granted.

  • You will need to wait for the visa application to get processed and check if the concerned authorities require any further details from you.

  • If required, you need to submit all the necessary details.

  • You need to wait for the visa application to be accepted. If it gets accepted, you will be informed about the starting details of your visa.

  • If by any chance, your application is refused, you will be informed by the concerned authorities, and the details will be stated.

Processing Time for the 186 Australian Visa

The processing time for this visa might depend on how many application forms have been submitted. There are other important factors that can affect the processing time of your visa, such as the time taken to check and verify this Australian visa.

The processing time of the Subclass 186 Visa can range from 6 to 19 months, depending on certain circumstances or visa streams. Normally, around 75% of the applications are processed within six months, whereas it takes around eleven months for 90% of the applications to be processed.

Requirements for the 186 Australian Visa

If you want your subclass 186 visa to be granted, you need to fulfil some specific requirements. The requirements for this Australian visa are listed below:

  • You must be over 45 years old if you are not a scientist or possess a 461/444 visa.

  • You need to possess the necessary skills and experience to receive 186 visas.

  • You must be registered or a member of any specific company.

  • You must provide the specific details of your nomination.

Final Words

If you want to apply for the Employer Sponsored Visa 186, you must fulfil all the requirements stated above. But if you are still undergoing problems with the visa, you can take the help of a migration agent in your area. With their expertise, they can help fill up your application form.

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