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How to Hire Flutter Developers – A Comprehensive Guide

Tips to hire Flutter app developers and not regret later.

When businesses set out on the mission to locate a robust tech stack that would make their cross-platform app development journey pleasant, the first name that comes to their mind is Google Flutter. After its inception in 2017, it has observed its popularity growing manifold. This is due to the support it has offered the experts in accelerating the overall app development process and reducing the lifecycle.

Developing cross-platform applications using Flutter is becoming more popular these days. Sadly, because the SDK is new and complex, it is not easy to find the right Flutter developers who know how to utilize it.

Hiring someone that matches all of your requirements is not as easy as it may appear. And, this post will impart you with all the answers in the most efficient way possible.

Why is Flutter Observing Astounding Popularity?

Large Developer Community

Possessing a reliable and robust community of developers, Google Flutter makes it easy for novices to learn it, get a grasp of its functioning, and so on. With many video tutorials present, tasks like design are easy to perform. Also, when the developer faces a roadblock during the app development stage, they can be sure of obtaining a resolution quickly.

Single Codebase

Flutter transforms the overall app development process. It makes the tasks of building, testing, and deploying apps for different platforms like mobile, web, and desktop seamless. This is due to the fact of containing a single codebase.

Developers need not develop codes for different platforms. The same code you can actually apply across all these platforms. Hence, time and resources get saved consistently. This is undoubtedly a blessing in disguise for the business as the cost of development goes down exponentially.

Less Testing Time

Using the tech stack gives programs the flexibility to operate across several platforms. This is through the utilization of one codebase. All it demands is the review of the app they develop.

Successful review of the app developed is something that Flutter helps in thereby saving time consistently for the developer.

Multiple Platform Support

The Flutter gives the capability to the developers to perform app development for multiple platforms like Android, iOS, and Web.

Why Hire Flutter Developer?

Support for App Design and Development

When you hire a Flutter app developer, you get the guarantee of being connected with professionals who promise you unconditional support in areas like timeline planning, app designing, and the task of complex app development at a relatively lesser time. Therefore, they will accelerate the pace of developing apps and help you identify bugs. This will allow the end solution to work robustly.

Fix Bugs

With the assistance of these professionals, you can be sure that bug and malfunction detection remains a convenient process. Simultaneously, in the case of detection, the fixation also becomes easy to execute within the testing phase itself.

Write Clean Code

A readable and comprehendible code is a must-have skill for a Flutter developer. Hence, if the experts possess the above competency, you can be sure of app scalability at a fast speed. You can also be sure that the developer spends less time understanding the overall app operations.

With knowledge of all these aspects, we now enter into the hiring stage.

This demands you have an idea of their different skills.

Listed below are capabilities that a Flutter app developer should have.

Must-Have Skills for a Flutter App Developer

  • App design and development.
  • Writing easy-to-read and comprehend codes.
  • Knowledge of Agile methodology and its support in workflow enhancement.
  • Staying put to deadlines.
  • Code optimization for creating user-friendly apps that are attractive and appealing.

Now we are ready to enter the headhunting stage. But, how do you know if you are recruiting someone appropriate?

Follow these steps.

How to Hire Flutter Developers? Steps to Follow

Know Role Segmentation

Experience matters. This is a fact that goes true for businesses. Hence, when you hire Flutter developers, it is recommended you know their different role segmentation, that is, junior, middle-level, and senior-level, respectively.

1. Junior Developer

When you have someone at the entry-level, you need to be ready to be performing the task of mentoring. Therefore, it is likely for those professionals to work slowly.

2. Middle-Level/Senior Developers

Hiring someone at the middle or senior level for Flutter app development services will ascertain the use of business logic tailored to your overall requirements. This means they will check your goals and understand them so that they know the tech stack whose use will help you get a product that delivers the most value.

This is something you need to assess first. Examine your project requirements and assess roles to know who is worthy of handling your project.

Examine Hard and Soft Skills

The two skills of a Flutter app developer- hard and soft are critical to examine. This will help you be sure you are getting the right professionals for your project.

Hard Skills of a Flutter App Developer

  • Knowledge of Git.
  • Understanding of Flutter framework.
  • Prowess on software development life cycle.
  • Experience in programming languages like Kotlin and Swift
  • Expertise in different architecture approaches.

Soft Skills of a Flutter App Developer

  • Issue observation and effective resolution
  • Delivering out-of-the-box solutions
  • Working in a team
  • Effective communication
  • Conflict management

Ask These Questions

For effective Flutter app development services, you should ask some critical questions.

This will make your headhunting journey pleasant and give you access to a professional or professional competent in this task.

Here are some of the recommended questions:

  • What is your experience with Flutter?
  • What are the additional qualifications you have for this role?
  • How can you ensure consistency in the way you format Flutter codes?
  • What is a ScopedModel?
  • How do you deal with roadblocks in your work strategy? What adjustments do you make to mitigate them?

Once you have answers to these questions, we enter into the next stage- the engagement models. You must have clarity on the different engagement models.

Assess Different Engagement Models

There are three forms of engagement models, in-house, outsourced, and freelancers. It is suggested you know about these three and have clarity of their respective pros and cons.

Hire In-House Flutter App Developer

When you headhunt in-house, it ascertains your business will have to bear expenses related to recruiting, social security, employee benefits, etc. Therefore, it is an expensive process.

Outsource Flutter App Development Services

This is one of the most recommended choices for hiring the Flutter app development experts since it allows you to save on infrastructure and hiring costs.

Therefore, when you get in touch with a Flutter app development company from offshore, you can be sure of the following advantages-

  • Saves on costs
  • Give updates on project status with clarity.
  • Allows entrepreneurs to focus on the business part of the project while the outsourced company takes care of the task completion.

Hire Freelancer Flutter App Developer

This model has a series of pros and cons. When talking about pros, they make it easy for the entrepreneurial setup to get access to a specialist/specialists in a short time.

Commitment is the prime area of concern. You cannot be sure of the level of passion the developers in the model have towards your project’s success. Also, the overall quality and security level of the product may be low. This will adversely affect your business.

With an idea of these models, you must have a question, ‘Which one is better?’ So the answer to this is outsourcing. Outsourcing Flutter app development services means you get experts with sound skills in developing apps. Also, you will get a streamlined app development process.

Estimated Cost to Hire Flutter Developer

When you set to hire a Flutter app developer from the USA, the average cost will be between $150-$200 per hour. In Europe, on the other hand, the estimated budget will be around $50 to $100 per hour. In Australia, the cost would be $100-$150 per hour. When you get these experts from Asia, particularly in India, the cost would be $20 to $40 per hour.

Wrapping Up

Flutter is viewed as one of the best ways to build cross-platform apps. It gives a cost-effective and time-saving development solution. Always think about technical experts, their previous experiences, and collaboration approaches. You can make the best selection and hire the right developers for your project.

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