How To Restore quickbooks online to a previous date

QuickBooks Online Backup restore | How to restore quickbooks backup

Quickbooks is one of the leading accounting software that has been in use for several years now. The software is equipped with a lot of amazing features and functions.And one of the features offered by the software is to restore Quickbooks Backup files. 

This happens to be an important and critical part of your Quickbooks. The backup files are one of the main elements of Quickbooks because they contain your company data till the date it was made. And while you restore files- ensure that you do that for the most recent ones. So all you need to do is follow the right steps even if you are restoring a local backup.

How to backup the company data in Quickbooks? 

There are two processes and one of them is backing up the company data in Quickbooks. If you wish to do that, here is what should be done.

  • Navigate to “File” and then select the “back up company” option.
  • In the new window, click on the “Backup Copy.”
  • Go to the next window and click “Local Backup.”
  • Browse to the location where you want to save your file.
  • Then you will have to click on the preference which will be as per your choice.
  • Once the preferences are set you will just have to complete the verification. It is highly recommended. 
  • There will be a dialogue box asking for confirmation about your choices, just click “yes” and then proceed.
  • Then schedule your backup as per your convenience and then let the process get executed. 

You might be able to execute this but what if you need just a company file backup? So here is what should be done to restore QuickBooks Backup company file.

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How to restore a backup company file?

Whenever you execute the restoring process, Quickbooks creates a new company file (.qbw) and also uses the backup company file (.qbb).

Note: If the backup company file is on any external device, you will have to move it to the local hard drive before executing the process. Once done, you can follow the below-given steps. 

  • Go to Quickbooks, navigate to the “File” menu and then click on “Open or Restore Company.”
  • Then you will have to select “Restore a backup copy and then click on “Next.”
  • Look for the backup company file in your computer. 
  • Then, select a folder which has to be the place where you store your company file. Then you need to click “open.”

Note: Do not name your backup file as that of your existing company file. Doing this intentionally or unintentionally might overwrite the data.

  • Once you are ready, just click on “save.” While doing this, if you see any message that says you are going to overwrite your data. Just select the option that will best suit your needs. 

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This can be a bit complicated and also tricky at the same time. If you are unable to figure out things and decide how to restore QuickBooks Backup you can connect with our experts.  that offers 24/7 technical support via phone, chat, and email free of cost with QuickBooks cloud hosting. We help you fix errors in all QuickBooks versions including QuickBooks Enterprise, Pro, and Premier.+1(855)-738-0359

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