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How to stretch the brain step by step

How to stretch the brain step by step.

How to easily draw the brain with video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Step-by-step drawing for beginners’ steps.

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Step 1

In the first step of this tutorial on how to stretch, we will prepare some tutorial forms to help you. It would be best if you now used colored pencils for this step, as these shapes will not be in the final picture. Using the reference image as a guide, you can create two connecting ovals. The image below will be very small, and as you will see in the following steps, these shapes that have been created so much will help you shape the brain.

Step 2: Then sketch your brain.

Now that you have the pencil plant drawings, you can sketch them at this stage. Using your planning form and the reference image, carefully draw the shape of the brain for the contour. It may take some effort to correct this, so I still recommend using a pencil for this step. Once you like it, you can rewrite it with a pen before deleting the pencil lines.

Step 3 – Now start building the structure.

The is very organized because there are many wrinkles and creases to increase its surface area. These details will probably be the most difficult, so we will slow it down and break these details into pieces in your brain drawing. Using the image of the references as a guide, carefully begin to draw the lines that will form the layers of the  Now we will start with the left side the  and fill in that part.

Step 4: Stretch more layers of the brain.

We will continue to add more wrinkles and wrinkle textures in this tutorial phase on how to stretch the. If you move further to the right side of the brain, you can use a similar pattern. However, as you can see in the reference picture, the distance between them will widen as you go further. Once you have completed this section, we can move on to the next section!

Step 5: Then follow the last wrinkles.

You understand the wrinkles at this point, and there is still a little more to go! Carefully fill the rest of the brain as you did before. The section below should now be blank as we fill in for the next step.

Step 6: Fill in the final details now.

You’ve almost finished the lesson on how to brainstorm at this point! There is only one part left in the lower part the that we need to fill. This part is called the cerebellum, and its shape is different from the rest of the brain. This part of the  comprises many small, thin lines. It causes more wrinkles than any other part of the brain. Once the cerebellum has receded, you’re almost ready! If you feel more creative, you can find a skull to stretch around What other fun ideas can you come up with to complete this brain drawing?

Step 7 – Perfect your  with some colors

This gives us the best: color in your drawings! The  usually has a palette of pink and purple, and we have chosen this color in our example. However, you can also get creative with it and use your favorite colors to fill your brain drawing! You can even use some bright colors on the brain to visually show that the brain is working hard on some great ideas! Maybe you can pull a thought bubble out of your brain to show what’s inside. We will see a lot of creative explanations on how you can complete this brain drawing! You can also choose from various fun color media to complete your drawing.

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