How to wear Invisalign on a daily basis?

It’s an amazing experience when you go to an appointment for straightening your teeth in adulthood and are told that the alignment isn’t so bad enough to justify the use of traditional braces and can be fixed with invisible aligners instead!

Invisible aligners have changed the face of adult orthodontics and are currently among the top sought-after treatments offered. If you’ve considered it appropriate to wear the aligners, you’ll be aware that it’s not always easy. You’ll be faced with a variety of responsibilities to ensure the procedure is carried out as intended.

At the Dencare Clinic, we’re always keen to talk to adults who wish for their teeth to be straightened. We typically suggest the use of the world-renowned aligner Invisalign Orpington. Invisalign is simple to wear and can be incorporated into your busy working schedule, with just a few appointments and no trips to get it adjusted.

What exactly is the wear and tear of Invisalign Orpington, and what are you accountable for?


The first thing to remember is that an Invisalign Orpington is an aligner made of plastic, which can fit over your teeth, similar to an invisible sports shield. It is made of transparent plastic that is tough but is not immune to pressure or heat. When you clean your aligner, make sure to wash it in cold water and brush it to get rid of any staining that is tough. Avoid putting the aligner into the dishwasher or washing it with hot water because this could cause it to lose its shape.


As this aligner is movable, it is possible to take it off whenever it’s important. If you’re planning to have lunch with your friends or wish to remove the aligner for a presentation, keep it in case it comes with it. Again, throwing the aligner in bags or pockets could cause it to come in contact with hot items or break out of form.


Our team generally recommends wearing aligners for about 22 hours per day. If you fail to adhere to this schedule and your teeth do not stay in the same position, they could return to their initial positions, or the process of realigning could slow down or cease completely. If you’re experiencing difficulty using your braces for the prescribed period, speak to our team and we might be able to suggest an alternative brace that is clear and fitted.

Lost aligners

If you are unable to replace an aligner it’s tempting to just go and try the other one from the sequence. However, this comes with problems because even though the aligners appear similar, however, each represents an important step in the process. If you do have to replace an aligner, make sure to inform our team and we’ll be able to arrange an alternative made to replace it as soon as it is possible.

This isn’t so much an everyday issue, but rather a more frequent consideration. If you have an invisible aligner inside your mouth, you’ll typically be required to send us regular updates via the application, which can be downloaded to smartphones. These updates eliminate the need to visit the dentist and enable our team to keep track of the progress that the alignment device is making.

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