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Is a scam-Unearthing the truth behind it

Real or Fraud? The Real Truth of has established itself as one of the most trusted and best online service providers in the last decade. They boast of a vast team of 5000+ writers, a clientele of more than 30,000, and a stellar review of 4.9/5 on their website. However, they have also been dragged into various scandals like not delivering assignments after taking payments, charging for revisions, etc. Many students accused is a scam. That got us to investigate the matter and find out if there is any truth behind these allegations. Read along to find out the truth

Delivering Assignments on Time

We have received many complaints from students that did not deliver their assignments after promising. They apparently accused of taking the full payment in advance and not delivering the assignments.

However, our research concluded that this accusation was a lie! When we dug into the matter, we were surprised to find that this accusation had no substantial evidence! We checked the work report of and even checked with many students who have taken their service.

We are surprised to see that all of them agreed that the review never defaulted on their delivery. Here is an example of a satisfied student who rated them 4/5 stars after taking their service.

Charges Minimal Rates

When some students complained that charges extremely high rates for their services, we tried to investigate the matter.

When we approached as students and enquired about multiple services. We were pleasantly shocked to find that all their charges are very economically priced. When we compared the prices with other similar websites, we even found out that is charging one of the lowest prices among all. We have multiple screenshots to prove that is the most affordable service provider currently available.

They are Easily Contactable

Many students also named scam because they could not find an expert when needed. Hence, we decided to check it for ourselves and find out if the allegation was true or not.

We surveyed many students and tried to get their first-hand experience with Almost all the students stated that they got instant assignment help when they contacted the executives for assignment help.

To validate their claim, a few of our executives pretended to be students and approached the customer centre executives at different times of the day. We tried contacting them at 4 AM, 8 AM, 4 PM, and 12 AM. I was shocked to find someone available all the time to attend our calls. We even wrote our requirements on their web chat option and got an instant reply from their dedicated executives.


We can conclude from our surveys and tests, and the first-hand experiences of our sample students that the accusation levied upon seemed doctored. We felt that since the competition is high in the online service sector, it most probably might have been a case of sabotaging. Some rival companies may have tried to scandalize a market leader with fake reviews and bad word of mouth. We can henceforth conclude that you should not believe everything you read on the internet. has ticked all our checkboxes and has delighted us with its service. You can always opt for them if you are looking for an online writer. For more writing click here

Author Bio:

Jimmy Rogers has been working as a professor of English for a decade in a reputed college. He has recently joined as an assignment writer.

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