List of Car Vehicles Can Seat 9 Passengers

Having a big family is a perfect thing, but when it comes to travelling with car, it’s pretty tricky for a big family to fit in an average car or an SUV. If you have a big family and you are looking for a car which can hold up to 9 passengers so you are at the right place because today, we are going to tell you about some cars which can hold up to 9 passengers. First of all, let me tell you one thing these cars are not a 9-seater from the company, but they can hold nine people after replacing the standard seat with bench seats. Following are the SUVs that can hold nine people at a time.

1. Chevrolet Suburban

Chevrolet Suburban is one of the most significant heavies on this list. This car has a huge cargo capacity, and it can easily accommodate nine people at a time, so you have to change your front two bucket seats into bench seats. If we talk about the dimensions, its length is 225.27 inches; width is 81.1 inches, height is 75.7 inches, max cargo capacity is 144.7 cubic feet, weight is around 5,616 to 6,016 lbs, towing capacity is 7,400 to 7,800 lbs, MPG is 15 city / 20 highways, the gas tank is 28 gallons. Its starting cost is $52,300, but it depends on the variant you choose.

2. Chevrolet Tahoe

Chevrolet Tahoe is also an excellent option for a nine-member family because this car is very comfortable, and this car also comes with a 9 seated trim, commonly known as LS and XL. You have to make sure that you are buying the trim according to your needs. Here are the dimensions of the Chevrolet Tahoe its length is 210.7 inches, width is 81 inches, height is 75.8 inches, max cargo capacity is 122.9 cubic feet, weight is 5,473 to 5,845 lbs, towing capacity is 7,600 to 7,900 lbs, MPG is 15 city / 20 highways, the Gas tank is 24 gallons, and its starting cost is $49,600 which depends on the variant.

3. GMC Yukon

GMC Yukon is a vast SUV; it has huge leg room that a big adult can be seated in any of the three rows with great comfort. The plus point for this car is that it offers a lot of cargo space, which is essential when you and eight other people are going on a long trip. If we talk about its dimensions, its length is 210 inches; width is 81 inches, height is 76.50 inches, max cargo capacity is122.9 cubic feet, weight is 7,500 lbs, towing capacity is 8400 lbs, MPG is up to 21 city / 27 highways, the gas tank is 24 gallons, starting cost is $51,000 which depends on the variant.

4. GMC Yukon XL

GMC Yukon XL is a large-size GMC Yukon. It’s a massive car that’s why it is perfect for nine people, but everything has its pros and cons, as this car is very big, so it is challenging to park somewhere and drive. Before telling you the dimensions of this car, we will tell you that GMC has not always satisfied its customers. There are a lot of complaints about Yukon XL that its tail light sometimes shakes, and there were several complaints about this model. If you talk about your dimension, its length is 225.20 inches; width is 81 inches, height is 76.50 inches, max cargo capacity is 144.7 cubic feet, weight is 5,683 lbs, towing capacity is 8,300 lbs, MPG is Up to 15 city / 20 highways, 20 inch Rims, the gas tank is 28 gallons, starting cost is $60,800.

5. Ford Expedition

Ford Expedition is the smallest car in this whole list but, as it is the smallest in the list so the pros of this car are that it is effortless to drive and it can be parked anywhere. If you are considering a car that is relatively small in size than others, then this is the best option for you. Still, you have to compromise on the leg room and add the cargo space if you talk about its dimension, so you can take the idea that this car is over a foot small than all the cars above. Its starting price is $53,000, which is quite expensive, and this car is also not that fuel efficient, which is very important for trips.


This list is according to the family of nine members or below, but if you have a family of more than nine members. You are looking for a car so that you can consider 12 huge passenger van, but as we told you before, big cars or Vans are complicated to drive and park. Some of the best passenger vans are Ford Transit and Nissan VW.

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