Put Your Text Into Motion With Typography Animation Online Tool

The times when the art of animating text was only bounded to graphics designers or professional video makers have passed. The emergence of technology has made progress so rapidly that we are experiencing it in every aspect of our lives. Today the way of communication has totally changed, which has brought significant change in business dynamics. Now businesses have ample means for communicating their brand messages more entertainingly. Animated video marketing is a new standard, especially typography video that has shown remarkable progress with highly engaging and interactive visual content. Businesses are highly adopting this trend and using different tools like typography animation online or paid tools to convey their brand message.

Typographical animated videos are a combination of videos where video producers use text and graphics to form a video. If we say moving text, it would not be incorrect. Instead, it will be more impactful. 

Remember our old-school days when our teacher used to teach us by writing on the black or whiteboard? They explain everything by writing or making drawings just to make us understand what they are trying to convey. In fact, nothing was much better than grabbing attention and keeping us engaged with it but the hand-written content. Similarly, typography is the best option for businesses to convey their intentions to the audience and win interest. 

Why Are Typography Animation Videos Great Branding Assets?

Typography animated video is one of the most effective branding strategies that work wonderfully in creating brand awareness. The branding video type comes with a collection of appealing graphics, convincing tone, and engaging video scripts. However, typographical content has been a great source of attention for viewers as it clarifies the concept and brings transparency to things. While on the other hand, if businesses incorporate their branding videos, the result will be nothing but amazing. Typography will spice up the branding content and make it memorable. 

  • Draws Immediate Attention

The core purpose of launching a branding campaign is to bring more customers to the table. To do that, entrepreneurs need to make every possible effort that could return more customers. What makes the audience pay more attention is the content and its conveyance. The way marketers set their tone and use the relevant typography in the video puts weight and draws immediate attention. One of the most beneficial aspects of these custom videos is if someone misses out on any word, they can easily get the idea by reading the video’s fonts. 

  • Highlights Important Points

Since there are numerous branding video types, it does not mean that all the video types are equal and work the same. Some only give a slight overview about anything, while some go the extra mile to deliver the same concept. It depends upon the type of video and business with simple or complex requirements. Thus it’s crucial to choose the right video type that fits best your business concept. Choosing the right video type will help you highlight your business message’s important points. While on the other hand, it triggers customers’ pain points, making them fall for your services, resulting in action.

  • Turn Viewers Into Customers

It has been observed that 85% of Facebook users watched typography videos mutely. They found these videos more helpful than other videos. One of the best things about this video is they are understandable if one does not turn on its audio. This is the best thing typography videos have in them that does not make viewers feel difficult to understand them. What typography video generators do is add moving text in the video or write the text with audio. At the same time, viewers can quickly read the subtitles and get what is being delivered in the video. So typographic videos are what every business should invest in.

  • Short, Effective, Yet Informative

There is a wide range of animated videos, including 2D, 3D, whiteboard, motion graphics, stop motion, live-action, kinetic typography, etc. Among them, whiteboard and kinetic typography are mostly used by businesses for product or service branding. The reason they are short, effective, but informative makes these videos valuable branding assets. However, tons of online makers are available, but both of these videos can be produced by typography animation online tool. It is because they do not cost high or ask for any expensive equipment for their creation. All you need is an online tool, a business story, and animated effects. Having all these will take hardly a few minutes to make an engaging video. 

  • Appealing Aesthetics Makes It Fun To Watch

Video content is what people like to watch more and more. Videos give a true sense of entertainment that not only amuses people but gives food for thought. When it comes to branding, entrepreneurs need to make efforts that could show maximum output. Be it a simple branding campaign or animated video marketing, the end result should be a huge customer crowd. Since we live in the digital age, video marketing is known to be the most successful branding technique; custom video animation services are adding more to it. 

Now people do not want to watch boring and traditional ads or tv commercials. Instead, they want to prefer watching entertaining yet informative videos. Animated videos like kinetic typography and whiteboard videos are the best in this game, conveying the right intentions more appealingly. 

Some Effective Typography Animation Online Tools

Making typographical video content has become hand-in-hand, which means that now ordinary people can also make these videos to explain any crucial business concept. There are some important online tools:

  • Animaker
  • Mango Animate
  • Offer
  • Wave. video
  • Adobe Spark Animated Text Generator
  • Animatron Studio
  • Cool Text


Animated videos are everywhere. We can see them in cartoons, tv commercials, websites, social media, and branding campaigns. What matter is how you use them or incorporate animation in your branding video so that it could last a strong impression on the first attempt. Animated videos are wider in range; it’s up to businesses which video type best fits their branding needs. Kinetic typography is one of the best solutions for companies that want to give more information but with a bit of entertainment, as these videos blend text and voice together. Moreover, there is no need to download any software. Instead, typography animation online makers are here to help you out!

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