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Halloween is about to come, and we are all excited about it. So, what is better than following the latest trend and embracing those breathtakingly beautiful Harley Quinn Costume this year?

Yes, we are talking about the famous villain who has kept all of us in awe of her costumes from the early 90s to now. This article is for you. If you also want to portray their favorite Hollywood villain this year, look no further, as you have already landed on the right path. So, keep on reading to find the answers to all your queries. Let’s start

All you need to know about Harley Quinn and Harley Quinn Costume

The forthcoming content is divided into several pieces, so you don’t miss out on anything.

1. Who is Harley Quinn

Well! If you are reading this article, you are likely to already know about this character. However, it’s still essential to discuss a bit about its background to assure equal understanding of all our readers. That said, Harley Quinn is a famous character created by Paul Dini that has appeared numerous times in the supervillain series Batman.

When talking about the background, Harley Quinn was born as Dr. Harleen Quinzel, who used to provide her services at one local asylum. There he met up with the joker who was sent by the police as an ill person. Having fallen for the villain, Dr. Harleen helped him to the way out and even smuggled weapons for him inside the asylum.

She left with the joker and ended up being his henchwoman and sidekick for the rest of the series. Apart from the storyline and exciting background, another thing Harley Quinn is known for is her amazing and unique dressing. She wore some unusual and unique apparel, including the double-toned jacket and pants, the birds of prey upper, daddy’s little monster shirt, and the list. Want to know more about such outfits? Just stay tuned with us till the end.

However, remember that all the product details we will be presenting in the forthcoming content are above products that you shop from the Harley Quinn merch store. Why? We will present the reasons as well in the further article.

Harley Quinn Costumes you can consider 

Here is the list of some significant Harley Quinn apparel you can consider investing in this Halloween. Please have a look.

1. Harley Quinn Caution Tape Jacket 

The first and foremost name on the list is none other than the caution tape jacket, aka the birds of prey jacket. Made out of see-through plastic material, this fantastic outfit has hundreds of tape fringes in multicolor embossed on both sleeves. That means you can fashion all your crop tops and fancy shirts inside the jacket. You can also wear this jacket in humid climates, styling it differently. Isn’t the cherry on top?

For the zipper closure, metal in black color is used to break up the color theme a bit, enhancing the overall look. So grab this jacket if you want to fly like birds and feel the fresh air.

2. DC Comic fans Harley Quinn hoodie

Available in jet black and shocking pink color, this hoodie is designed especially for individuals who are die-heart fans of Harley Quinn. The material used in manufacturing is 50 percent polyester, 25 percent airlume combed ring-spun cotton and 25 percent rayon. Hence you can wear the outfit from light to extreme climates. With the modern fit, hood, and kangaroo pocket, this hoodie is all you can ask for this winter.

All raw materials are imported from renowned fabric provider countries such as Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, or the US. Hence, you can rest assured that all the fabrics will stay with you for a decent life. 

3. The Double-toned jacket

It is said that no one in the world is white or black. Instead, all of us are double-toned, having some or the other amount of negative side within. And that is what the Harley Quinn double-toned jacket represents.

Made out of polyester material as a base, this jacket is available in red and white colors. However, alternate colored stripes can be seen on the sleeves. The zipper is made of metal, and two flip-down pockets are available to carry all the essential stuff with you. 

Reason for us Recommend the Harley Quinn Merch

Following are some reasons we have recommended you to shop from this store. 

1. Fully aligned products

You are purchasing the apparel to look like the character. Hence, purchasing a product that does not look like the original one would be useless. However, at, the designers are skillful and have watched the series numerous times to align the product looks entirely with the original one.

2. High-quality product

Product quality matters the most, as you don’t want all of your precious earnings to get invested just for a single cosplay. The store entirely agrees with the idea. The same is why all raw material is imported from the best-known countries in this regard. 

3. Low prices

Every penny is earned with the blood and sweat you spend. Hence the store does not include any third party, such as brokers, distributors, manufacturers, etc., in its operation. As a result, you get a high-quality product within the lowest possible price range.

4. Availability in all sizes 

Everybody is different from others; hence their need is distinguished as well. At Harley Quinn merch, you will find outfits in all sizes, including the XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, and even 3XL.


In a nutshell, apparel related to Harley Quinn is one of the perfect outfits you can consider wearing this year. The content above discusses some elegant and attractive Harley Quinn Costume. Nevertheless, get them from a renowned store such as Harley Quinn merc to rest assured of excellent quality and low prices.

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