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At the beginning glance, this argument may additionally appear unfounded. How hard is it to answer easy questions about your lifestyles on an exam? However, let’s take a better observe the standards for comparing your solution.


IELTS speakme evaluates not handiest your pronunciation and fluency,

But also the logic of the tale. The entirety you say needs to be a logically established tale, in which one part of the story is connected to every other. It is vital to expose your concept progressively. in addition, your speech is classed for the presence of difficult to understand words and idiomatic expressions.


You must provoke the examiner with vocabulary, use of academic vocabulary, narrative flexibility, and the ability to apply paraphrasing capabilities. And with all this, your rating will rely upon whether this specific examiner likes what you assert.


Let’s accept it: not everybody can hopefully and coherently solution exam questions in a disturbing situation. When do you want to reply in English? Hiya, introverts! No longer to say, IELTS Pakistan examination questions can be downright stupid. a number of them are hard to answer even in their native language.

And the internet is chock-complete of guidelines on what phrases no longer to use in interviews with an IELTS examiner. Due to the fact he hears these terms ten instances an afternoon from exceptional

College students, considers them “hackneyed”, and therefore lowers his mark for this. Isn’t it stupidity?

Consequently, your mission is not just to recognize English and talk it fluently, but to do it in one of these way as to thrill the examiner’s ears in each viable way. At the equal time, fending off such words as very and thrilling – far from sin. Although in reality, there is nothing terrible in those phrases. As quickly as you arrive in an English-speaking country, you’ll see that everyone around you uses those phrases of their each day communique, and nobody gadgets to this. And in the examination you will should fake to be a formalist at a worldwide convention on linguistics and lexicology of foreign languages.


But it’s not all. In IELTS speak me, similarly to pronunciation, fluency, narrative logic, and the use of educational vocabulary, grammar is also assessed. at the same time, you’re expect no longer handiest to talk correctly, without errors, however also to apply complicate complex sentences.


Now try to put all the above collectively when you are request to talk about a few completely everyday occasions. As instance, describe your last birthday. Now you cannot simply speak approximately what you probably did, the way you had a laugh, and what gifts you acquired. You need to build your solution according to clear canons of narrative improvement through using all varieties of linking phrases, at the same time as composing complex sentences, the usage of little-used academic vocabulary, idioms, fending off grammatical errors and speaking in no time and without hesitation. And it’s no longer a truth that once pleasing all of the conditions, the examiner will like your answer. In addition, as stated above, you’ll now not get hold of any remarks or rationalization of your rating.

allow’s compare this complete set of requirements with the PTE speaking evaluation criteria.

For a maximum rating in speaking, you best need desirable pronunciation and fluency. There may be no need to select abstruse words, make sentences complicated and logically built. You simply need in order to examine aloud speedy and correctly and memorize a few response styles as a way to offer yourself with a fluent uninterrupted go with the flow of speech.

As a result, the main secret of achievement at PTE Pakistan talking is the production of an excellent pronunciation. And, in contrast to abstruse words, properly pronunciation will without a doubt are available on hand while you circulate to another usa.

Essays in PTE are easier than in IELTS

The maximum difficult part of the IELTS exam is writing. It is all approximately the assessment standards, which on this check is so harsh that you’ll most likely need to take this exam time and again. allow’s in short go through the requirements for this element: you ought to write an essay of at the least 250 phrases in that you want to reveal the proposed topic or question via cause-and-effect relationships, with examples and justify your point of view. The essay outline will strictly rely on the type of query inside the mission. At the same time, all sentences must be complex and, as in speakme, comprise suitable unusual words, expressions and idioms. And all this ought to be carried out in 40 mins.


Unfortunately, as practice indicates, this is not for everybody. Especially if you have by no means written an essay and feature work all of your lifestyles in a field. That has not anything to do with phrase advent. Additionally, you’ve got awful handwriting. Unluckily, handwriting may also play an essential role in IELTS, unless you surrender its digital version. If you appearance intently on the reliable essay submission sheet, then at the bottom. You will see the column “illegible”, or in translation, no longer readable / illegible.


Accordingly, something that the examiner considers unreadable might be flagge as an blunders and could necessarily have an effect on your general rating.

I am even afraid to assume how many factors have been underestimate exactly because of this item. But, once more, there may be no feedback and there. Can be no comments on why you obtain this or that grade in IELTS. Therefore, the secret of your assessment will all the time continue to be a secret.

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