When it comes to our day to day activities, there are certain things that we cannot function without. The few imperatives that we need to make our daily lives more efficient stems from technology and progress.

car tyres

All humans have a knack for using the latest technology in every possible way. From refining health to food, people wish to make their lives easier and better with the help of these gadgets. Therefore, certain things in our lifestyle become extremely important for our well functioning.


This includes using laptops, and desktops to complete our projects, work and other commitments. To move from one point to another, we use a vehicle. For refining our lives furthermore, we use different applications. There is technology in almost everything.


Progress has made sure that even food can cook with automation. Therefore, the inclusion of these things in our daily lifestyle makes it easier for us to do different things.


When it comes to our daily activities, we need to move from one point to another for multiple reasons. Going to a restaurant or the movies is not something that happens every day, but when it does, we need a mode of transportation to get to the restaurant and the theatre. Going to different places is made easier with access to transportation.




Some people choose to take public transportation whilst others invest in one of their own. There are different benefits to both these kinds of transportation.


People can make use of the multiple things that both of these transportation modes offer. No matter anything one chooses, it is important to remember that all our journeys are made a little easier thanks to the comfort and ease of transportation present in these modes.


We can now not only travel to our local grocery store but also make road trips and long-distance travel possible thanks to them. Therefore, their importance is immense in our lives.


It is important to note that with the million benefits of a vehicle also comes its care and upkeep. If one decides to purchase a vehicle of their own, which is something that eventually everyone does, they are completely responsible for it.


One has to make the right time for its maintenance and upkeep, otherwise, it can easily descend into a series of damages and replacements.


If one continues to put off the replacement, damage control and repair of their vehicle, it ends up costing more in the long run. To save a larger bill for the mechanics, one should invest in regular maintenance of their vehicle. It will help provide better performance.




Not just this, one also needs to make sure that their vehicle offers better performance all the time. Even with different climatic and road conditions, one needs to make sure that their vehicle is performing adequately at all times. In summers and winters, if the temperature difference ends up increasing a lot, it can take a severe toll on the tyres.


One should ensure that they are using the right set of 225 40 r18 tyres for their vehicle. If one continues to all-season tyres is significantly low temperatures, it will be difficult for the tyres to maintain adequate traction and grip on the road. This is why it is important to invest in two sets of tyres if necessary. One can make the right choice for tyres by storing one set of tyres for a season.


It is important to take tyre storage seriously as it can significantly impact the performance of the vehicle. Keeping the same in mind, here are a few things one can do to make tyre storage possible:

  • Tyres should not come in close contact with liquids. Putting tyres in close contact with liquids such as petrol and diesel can be extremely dangerous. Contact with these liquids can ruin the condition of the tyres exponentially. Therefore, when putting tyres into storage, they should not come in contact with any liquids.
  • Putting tyres in close proximity or always under sunlight is also bad for the composition of the tyres. Sunlight can prove to be extremely damaging to the tread of the tyres. They can end up corroding the tyres due to the extra amount of ozone present in the sunlight. Therefore, storing tyres outside in the sun can prove to be extremely harmful.
  • It is important to not hang the tyres on hooks. To make more space, people may end up hanging their tyres on hooks. This can lead to serious deformation and ruin the casing of the tyres. It is not advisable to do such things as it can damage the integrity of the tyres altogether.
  • The correct way to place tyres is by putting them at a little distance and making them stand upright. In an upright position, the tyres will do little harm to each other and make the best retention of their qualities.
  • One may think of putting their tyres in a stack-like position. This is also not advisable as it can lead to extreme deformation. If one has to put their tyres in stacks, the position must change after every four weeks.

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