The Ultimate Amazon Product Video Guide For Sellers

Amazon Product Videos

Product videos are the key to more conversions, sales, and profits!

Just like listing titles, descriptions, bullets, images, and A+ content, product videos on Amazon tremendously enhance customer satisfaction. However, nothing is more satisfying than physically experiencing products (like in a brick-and-mortar store). Amazon product videos are the alternative to bridge that gap between your customers and products and a must-have element to increase product page utility and enhance user experience. 


In this write-up, we’ll cover

  • Why are Amazon product videos important for sellers?
  • How can Amazon product videos benefit businesses? 
  • Is every Amazon seller allowed to add videos to listings?
  • Types of Amazon product videos sellers can add to drive sales
  • Best practices for Amazon product videos creation

Why Are Amazon Product Videos Important For Sellers?

The answer is quite straightforward-because product videos help sellers sell more.

One of the primary objectives of Amazon is to give its customers the best digital shopping experience. Therefore, the marketplace provides sellers with numerous tools that help them deliver a best-in-class buying experience to their customers. One among them is the ‘Amazon product video.’

Through videos, shoppers can truly judge a product’s function, benefits, and usage. Also, videos allow shoppers to make informed buying decisions. Besides, it offers many other advantages, like-

  • A video allows customers to better understand how the product can be used.
  • It showcases your products from 360-degree angles.
  • It lets you correctly highlight products’ uses, benefits, and features.
  • It helps you win over your competitors that don’t invest in Amazon product videos.
  • It keeps customers engaged on your Amazon product pages, creates a connection, and helps boost your conversion rate.
  • It gives customers more insights and visualization of the products. 

How Can Amazon Product Videos Benefit Businesses? 

A study has shown that Amazon businesses that use product videos observe a spike in the number of leads. This indicates that product videos are a robust strategy that gains customers’ attention and helps in amazon product optimization of your store and influences them to click the ‘Buy Now’ button.    

Take a look at how Amazon product videos can benefit your business. 


Creates Brand Awareness

A product video is the best medium to share your brand story. You can display your business’s unique standing and the range of products offered through the video. Your brand’s journey connects you with customers at a global level and gives your business the recognition most needed in this competitive landscape. 


Convince Customers Quickly

A product video is a combination of appealing visuals and exciting music. Introducing the benefits and features of products through videos conveys a clear message to customers. A 15 to 30 seconds video includes sufficient information to capture customers’ attention. The details can impact customers, convincing them to make the buying decision immediately.


Boost In Conversion Rates

When planning to purchase a product online, customers do not like to read the product description word-by-word. Everyone prefers to watch short product videos with detailed information. The complete description provided in less time increases consumer understanding of products. Once the customers are impressed, they can place orders. This will increase the conversion rate soon.

Is Every Amazon Seller Allowed To Add Videos To Listings?


Before September 2022, only sellers enrolled in the brand registry were allowed to add product videos to a listing. Now, even non-brand registered Amazon sellers can upload product videos to their listings.

Here’s the quick process:

  1. Login To Your Seller Central
  2. Go To Your Inventory Section
  3. Press Upload & Manage Videos

Types Of Amazon Product Videos Sellers Can Add To Drive Sales

To impress the target audience, sellers can create interesting product videos with informational content. There are diverse categories of product videos, such as-

⇒ Product Highlight Video

This product video type highlights what your product has to offer, its essential features, uses, and benefits. Thus, add this video to tell customers why they should buy your product. To make it compelling, incorporate white background with a 360-degree view of the product. Also, give preference to simple, short, and to-the-point videos. 


⇒ Explainer Video

This kind of video is ideal for answering all questions of customers. It focuses on the problems related to products or services faced by customers. Through your brand video, you can explain your product and service. You can describe the solution using infographics, cartoon images, real objects, models, and animation. A well-written script can be used to explain the comparison of products or services offered by multiple brands. Focusing on your brand, you can describe how it is better than others. It can be an asset for businesses to impress customers.


⇒ Promotional Video

These are the commercial videos where you can prove the importance of your product through instances. For instance, if you sell furniture, you can show the product’s durability, appearance, and style in the video. Using a renowned model with a compelling script can boost your conversion, sales, and profit.


⇒ How-to Video

These videos are similar to product highlight videos. They focus on displaying the functioning of products. Through a mode, you can demonstrate how the product is used. Such videos can also be used to show how to assemble the products. 

Best Practices For Amazon Product Videos Creation


Amazon Video Dos:

  • Try to grab customers’ attention in the first few seconds. If you start with a boring introduction, customers will click out. 
  • Mention how your product can solve customers’ problems. Present your product in a video as a problem-solver.
  • Keep the product video simple, short, and concise. Do not overfill the video with information. Make a 30-40 seconds video and add elements that inspire better sales.
  • Mention the product’s main features, benefits, and specifications, so the customer knows what they are buying. Shoppers prefer viewing videos that showcase the product live and in action.
  • Ensure the sound in the video is soothing and of good quality. Else, customers will click away. 
  • Add on-screen text to highlight critical product benefits. This will help shoppers that are watching the video with the sound off.
  • Ensure excellent lighting throughout the Amazon product video. Take Amazon experts’ help to upload well-lit product videos.
  • Add royalty-free music to your product video. Ensure a soothing customer experience with a professional finish.


Don’ts For Amazon Videos:

    • Do not add promotional information about your product, brand, or services. Amazon disallows promotional information in Amazon product listings. 
    • Don’t use derogatory statements about your competitors. It isn’t allowed to talk about competitors in an Amazon product video. 
    • Do not claim anything against marketplace terms of service. Connect with Amazon listing services experts to get a list of what you can and cannot add to a product video.  
    • Do not try to direct shoppers away from the marketplace. For example, adding a link to your website isn’t allowed. If caught red-handed, Amazon can even suspend your account. 

Amazon Product Videos For Better Conversions & Sales

Adding Amazon product videos to your listings ensures a better customer experience, improved sales, conversions, and profits. We hope this write-up enables you to create best-in-class product videos for your Amazon listings. 

But, if you find yourself confused about which Amazon product video type to choose or how to assemble/edit the videos for best results, consider connecting with Amazon listing services experts. After thoroughly studying your eCommerce business, products, and services, they’ll create what is best for your listings and business.

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