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Tips to Apply Matte Compact Powder Perfectly

Your makeup will last longer and have a lovely finish if you use compact powder. Consequently, you need to become an expert at applying compact powder if you want your makeup to look flawless.

Your matte compact powder will have a silky smooth texture when done properly. However, using too much compact powder could make your face look cakey. In other words, one important makeup product could make or break your appearance.

1. Cleansing and Moisturizing

Your makeup will fit smoothly and help you attain a perfect look if your base is clean and even.

So, as part of your regular skincare routine, first, wash your face gently with a face wash. Apply a premium moisturizer afterward to get your skin ready. Your skin will be smoother and more protected from other cosmetics when you use a moisturizer.

2. Apply Primer to Close Your Pores

Never undervalue the value of a primer. Applying primer to your skin causes all of your pores to close, smoothing out your complexion and allowing the powder to adhere. Additionally, it helps keep the powder from fading and being absorbed by the skin.

To prevent your base makeup from slipping off, you must use a primer before putting any powder on your face.

3. Dab Foundation

Once your skin has been prepped, you should begin with a foundation if you want to attain full coverage. Compacts of powder only offer medium to sheer coverage. Apply concealer evenly before applying powder if you want to conceal all of your imperfections and spots.

It’s vital to know that you can skip this step if you don’t want full coverage or don’t want to apply foundation.

4. Use Compact Powder with Sponge

The method will be the same whether you apply the setting powder over the foundation or after primer. You can apply the compact with a beauty blender, a sponge, or a powder brush, depending on your inclination.

If you prefer light coverage, a powder brush is the best tool to use. However, if you want medium coverage, you should cover your face with a sponge or blender.

5. Spread All Over Face

Make sure to dab the compact powder over your neck and other exposed places of your body when applying it. If you don’t, your face can wind up appearing to have a completely different skin tone. And that’s not what we want to happen, is it?

6. Final Look

Lipstick and eye makeup that matches your skin tone will complete your outfit. To get the greatest results, choose items that are suitable for your skin type.

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