Tips to Prevent Immersion Heater Tanks Blasts

Immersion Heaters

There have been various electric tank blasts over the past few years. These happen at oil and petroleum gas units where these tanks are kept to serve different purposes. It has been uncovered through investigation that the prime reason for the blasts is how much fluid is inside the tanks and the level of the quality of the immersion heaters used.

At the point when a tank is half-filled or the fluid is at a low level, the immersion heaters are expected to be turned off. When they are not turned off, the heater reacts to the gas fumes inside the tank, making a flash that prompts a blast. This is a serious matter that needs to be addressed. Some precautions can be taken to prevent the risks of blasts.

Keep the immersion heater always submerged

Immersion heaters contain loops or wires that produce heat through an electric flow. The heater must be submerged so that it can successfully work. In case they are not submerged, and the thickness of watts of the curls is sufficiently high, it can cause a spark. Thus, engineers need to check the fluid level inside the tank routinely and make sure that the heater is submerged.

Watt density and size of the heater

Watt density is the measure of heat per square inch of the heating elements. All immersion heaters manufacturers India suggest heat levels that the submersion heater produces. Generally, oil and gas organizations utilize more modest heaters past their suggested levels, which produce very high measures of intensity inside the tank. The high-intensity level can be the cause of a blast.

Regular checking of heating elements

  • Utilize a high-quality multi-meter that can look at electrical obstruction (OHM).
  • Check the breaker box for tripped breaker
  • Make sure the wires for the heaters are creating the proper measure of volts
  • Ensure the indoor regulator isn’t stumbled.

Concluding Remarks

Theeta is one of the leading immersion heaters manufacturers in India offering a comprehensive range of heating solutions for applications in diverse industries. The company has decades of presence within the industry with the unmatched ability to manufacture and supply customized heaters.

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