Top 5 Affordable Banquet Halls In Houston

Top five Affordable Banquet Halls In Houston – No matter what the agenda of an event is, a suitable venue is the most important aspect to consider. Whether it is a formal or an informal event, the venue plays a vital role in making any event successful. When it comes to the venue, there are plenty of options to choose from. Some people may prefer hosting an outdoor event, or maybe even in their backyard. Some people would prefer a closed environment for a more intimate feel.

Outdoor venues require an additional set of things to prepare for, such as; decorations and catering, etc. There is also the element of uncertainty about the weather because let’s be honest, are weather forecasts 100% reliable? Covered outdoor venues are the perfect choice in this case. These venues require some extra effort and preparation to accommodate everyone. If handled perfectly, nothing can go wrong with an outdoor event venue.

Banquet halls are a better choice to host an event because you get everything under one roof. Whether it is in-house catering or decor, everything is provided by the management.  Here is a list of the 10 most affordable Banquet halls in Houston.

  1. Houston Botanic Garden
  2. Thistlewood Manor & Gardens
  3. Marquee Banquet and Events Center
  4. Nouveau Antique Art Venue
  5. Safari Texas Ranch

Houston Botanic Garden

Houston Botanic Garden is a work in progress at the moment, but it is still breath-taking. If you have a day event, the photo shoot is going to be so vibrantly colorful and extremely beautiful. For an evening/night event, the art illumination has an unmatched aesthetic appeal. If you want to exchange vows in an intimate setting with your close circle, this is the perfect place. Treat yourself and your guests to an affordable view to remember. The Houston Botanic Garden looks infinite times better in person.

Thistlewood Manor & Gardens

This mansion is used as a banquet hall in Houston. The enormous ballroom is filled with beautiful and intricate designs at every inch. This means that every corner can be used as a photo shoot spot. The unique grand staircase projects the ethereal princess vibe every girl wishes to have on her big day. This staircase can be decorated with flowers, twinkling star-like lights, or anything else that you wish for. Taking those little steps while coming down feels like nothing short of a dream. If that doesn’t get the groom crying happy tears, what will?

The elements of these gardens are so gracefully shaped and maintained to keep that fairy-tale princess vibe going. While sitting in the love chairs on the patio, you can feel peaceful by merely the garden view.

Marquee Banquet And Events Center

Marquee Banquet hall is a full-service business that can cater to all kinds of events and clients’ preferences/requirements. You can host any sort of event indoors as well as outdoors with Marquee Banquet And Event Center. This is one of the best Banquet halls to host a Quinceañera in Houston. You can host corporate events, award ceremonies,  wedding receptions, birthday parties, quinceañera, and even a seminar at this Banquet hall. Some people call it a mobile hall because of the availability of an indoor event option as well as outdoors. This is one of the most affordable halls in Houston, with unmatched services and benefits.

Nouveau Antique Art Venue

This Banquet Hall is an excellent one-stop venue for the wedding and reception, in the best way possible. Nouveau Antique Art Venue has an adequate-sized private and free parking lot. The street parking nearby is sufficient for an event attended by up to 200 people approximately. Their name itself implies the existence of unique and antique artworks. This livens up your event and the pictures seem as if they have been pulled out from a classic Shakespearean novel. If you’re looking for a fun and quirky event, then this is the perfect place for you.

Safari Texas Ranch

This is a highly experienced full-service business. They specialize in weddings, galas, bar mitzvahs, quinceañeras, business events, and parties, etc. Safari Texas Ranch is one of the best reception halls in Houston for hosting a quinceañera. They have over 10 on-site venues which cater to your specific desires and requirements. The budget-friendly Banquet halls are perfect for everyone. The staff there is so cooperative and courteous that you can’t help but re-visit them. The ambiance is very homely and words can not simply do justice to how good their food is. Some of their halls are decorated so beautifully, that they give you the enchanted forest vibe and feel.

Due to the unfortunate circumstances that shadowed the whole World in 2020, many people postponed their pre-planned festivities. Society has ruined the concept of events, by creating false stereotypes and certain requirements that HAVE to be met. This could not be further from the truth. The truth is that you don’t need to be extravagant in your expenditures to make your event successful. Minimalism is always a timeless classic in its entirety. What’s better than having everything handled under the same roof and not having to contact multiple people for different services? Nothing is better than that, unless you have close connections that get the job done faster.

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