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Top 5 Healthcare App Development Companies In The UK

Healthcare App Development Companies

The ideal app development company helps create transformational tech products for its clients. Their clients come to them with ideas: the company strategies and build an app that can take their business to the next level.

If you’re searching for such healthcare app development companies in the UK, keep reading.

This blog covers five of the most popular companies excelling in healthcare mobile app development services.

Five Outstanding Healthcare App Development Companies In The UK

Given below is a list of five reputable agencies that offer healthcare mobile application development in the UK:


SparxIT was founded over fifteen years ago with no more than ten members. Today, they have experts in multiple tech stacks pertaining to several technologies. These include mobile app development, web development, and UI/UX design solutions, with a strength of over 150 employees.

Providing full-cycle app development, AR/VR, and UI/UX design is part of their expertise. They have a diverse technology stack and proactive approach that sets them apart.

SparxIT has worked in various sectors, with numerous successful projects in industries like healthcare, education, travel, and financial services. Many of their healthcare-based app projects involve custom mobile app development across Android and iOS.

Bit Zesty

An experienced app development company, Bit Zesty offers custom web, software, and app development services. Founded in 2009, this organization specializes in Ruby on Rails and JavaScript. They aim to create bespoke, user-friendly apps along with app support and maintenance of digital products.

Bit Zesty has a small team of professionals based in London, United Kingdom. They have experience in building healthcare apps from scratch and upgrading existing apps for health and safety software organizations. They have also worked on enhancing APIs and integrated new functionality into existing healthcare applications.


Reputed mobile app development specialist Waracle started in 2007, operating from several locations at present. They have a staff of over a hundred experienced developers, designers, and strategists focusing on three highly specialized industries: HealthTech, FinTech, and CleanTech.

The firm delivers end-to-end solutions using various technologies, including mobile, web, mixed reality, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and voice.

Ampersand & Ampersand

Ampersand & Ampersand is a highly reputable app development service provider with its headquarters in London. It began its operations in 2011 and has proved its expertise in delivering its full-cycle mobile app development services.

Their end-to-end solutions include Software as a Service, social media integration, Internet of Things, and Business Management. They also provide trending systems in the healthcare and pharma industry through a team of 19 specialists. They are experienced and adept in delivering mobile app development, UX/UI design, and wearable app development.

The company specializes in developing iOS and Android applications that integrate with various APIs for small businesses and enterprises.

Old.St Labs

Old.St Labs is also a custom software and app development company with its major operations in London. It was established in 2020 with a core team of ten professionals. They are further divided into teams focusing on mobile application development, custom software development, UX/UI design, and AI services.

In addition to healthcare app development, Old.St Labs provides advertising, marketing, and legal services.

To Conclude

These are five of the best healthcare app development companies in the UK at present. You can learn more about them on their websites, including their scope of expertise, portfolios, and client reviews.

There are also many online rating and review websites where you can gain detailed information from previous clients. These will help you choose the right app developers for your project.

App development companies that can help businesses develop excellent solutions exist. You just need to know where and how to look to receive the best, most innovative digital products possible today.

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