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Top Features Of An Outstanding Webinar Software

Selecting the accurate webinar software is important for your business and growth of the company. Whether it is a marketing product launch or interaction within your organization, the webinar software can help you meet your goals. Here in this article we will discuss what webinar software is? And top features of outstanding webinar software.

What Is Webinar Software?

Webinar software is a tool which can be used to host seminars, meetings or other kinds of online events like one –to many. Webinar software has this feature of reaching out to larger audiences. There are soft wares that can be downloaded for live events that require video streaming. These webinar software are easy to download and can be installed on the computer or streamed directly from the browser.

With the use of webinar software you can make leads and move them for the sales. There are many companies with this belief of achieving their business goals through webinars. However the process of selecting webinar software and then hosting live webinar might be challenging. Here are some features of outstanding webinar software.

Features Of Webinar Software

The most appropriate webinar software offers the following features depending what has been decided in the planning process.

  • Planning Phase: Features of planning phase of webinar are made for marketing and distribution purposes. Customization can be done at time of registration to fit in the brand and is often built-in in the modern webinar software. You can directly send and receive emails from the platform which means that organizers can schedule emails in advance. Other then this webinars are recorded automatically then later distributed.


  • Live Event: This feature helps organizers to gather information and increase engagement. Planning of live polls can be done in advance, which can be submitted to the webinar room at times during the event. Polls can help in identifying the opinion and can be used to get information. Features like chat, Q/A can allow the audiences to get in direct interaction with presenters during the webinar.


  • Analysis Phase: All the information collected during the live event can be exported and analyzed once the webinar is over. Many of the webinar software come with features that help in marketing and spreading of webinars. Features like polls, questions, chats allow the audience members and speakers to interact during the webinar.


  • Attendees Training: Attendees training and verifications require the software with screen sharing feature. This can enable the attendees to follow up throughout the training sessions and they can see the next steps. Software that enables the upload of pre- recorded videos can be very useful in terms of training attendees to an extent. Features that keep the attendees engaged like chat tabs can help those with extra questions.


  • Internal Events: Events like meetings occurring frequently can be benefited from software that allows multiple sessions that need to be planned at once. The organizer can schedule the invitations in advance which can be sent automatically. The right webinar software may help with replays which can be available after the events to be distributed among the attendees.


  •  Green Room: It is the room where webinar organizers can prepare for the live event. The live streaming event will take place in the green room only. The preparation prior event will not be broadcasted to the attendees.


  • Dial-In Feature: Using this feature the attendees can dial-in the webinar if they want to connect to the event using a phone. Dial-in is a feature that can be used to overcome issues related to audio and video. For webinars SIP can be used for dial-in.


  •   Infinite Screens: The feature can be used while sharing the screen of the webinar room with the attendees. In this the reflected images are in repeating loops.


  •  Firewall: A firewall is a security system which can be used to filter the information that comes from a public internet source. This feature blocks unauthentic traffic and also monitors all outgoing traffic from the network. Firewalls can be used for large organizations with different computer networks.


  • Latency: The amount of time that passes in between an action and web application response on that action. The time that passes is due to network congestion or network distance.


  • RTMP: This stands for Real-Time Messaging Protocol. The protocol facilitates the transmission of audio, video and data in real-time. This is the important feature for live webinar services as it can provide low-latency connections. Webinar service providers can get benefits from RTMP technology because different media can be integrated in the feed without disturbing the picture and audio as they remain stable during presentation.


  • Webinar Dashboard: A webinar dashboards that combine and organize information. The dashboards are center for data and have specific information about a specific topic. In a webinar service, the webinar dashboard showcases the overall view of information about a webinar.


  • Webinar Software Integration: The integrations connect different tools which then make one unified system. The integration can be used for merging the data. Integration of various tools for webinar software can help to solve various purposes like event management, marketing, advertising tools. For example adding payment gateway to a webinar can make it manageable to create registrations and discounts automatically. This makes it possible to connect apps that allow people to buy webinar tickets and then transfer that data to webinar software.

On a final note we can say that as a webinar services provider you have several things to take into your account. These features of webinar software can assist you to keep your audiences engaged throughout. The range of features, live chats, and built-in polls make the session more interactive. To make your webinar session a good experience for all your attendees you can identify the features and choose accordingly.

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