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Twitter vs Instagram Demographic Facts

As you know today everyone is aware of Twitter and Instagram. Because both Twitter and Instagram platforms are considered a brand in themselves. That’s why we can’t say which platform is the best between Twitter and Instagram. Although many people are interested in using Twitter, some people are also interested in using Instagram. But it is an easy task for us to analyze Twitter vs Instagram users.


So now let’s talk about Twitter vs Instagram demographic facts. Then let me tell you that in today’s new era many social media networks are available for you to use. So it becomes difficult for us to decide which social media is right for us. So today we are going to tell you about Twitter vs Instagram demographic facts. After knowing which you will be able to understand some important things inside Twitter and Instagram, for that you will have to read this post completely.


Twitter vs Instagram


You should know that both Twitter and Instagram are different social media. What sets you apart from the way you work. However, everyone is interested in using different social media platforms.


We use Twitter to share our thoughts, and messages and to catch trends from every news of the world. Whereas on Instagram we are here to share your photos and videos with our followers and to interact with our users easily.


Below is the Twitter vs Instagram demographic facts:


You should know that there are only a few such social media networks. Which are the most used in today’s new era. But Twitter and Instagram are also among them which are included in the list of top 5 social media networks.


Twitter Demographic Facts:


24% of American adults are on Twitter

40 percent of Twitter users are between 18-and 29 years of age.

Less than 20% of people aged 50 overuse Twitter.


Instagram Demographic Facts:


37% of U.S. adults are on Instagram.

75% of Instagram users are 18-24.


Facts of Twitter and Instagram Engagements


Twitter Engagements


You should know that Twitter is a high-performing social media. Which satisfies you in every way. However, every social media has its own rules. By using we have to follow them, but here we talk about Twitter engagement, Twitter maintains an average of 330 million monthly active users. With this, we can easily guess the popularity of Twitter. And 71% of Twitter users in Twitter say that they use a platform like Twitter to get news so that we can understand Twitter’s engagements.


Instagram engagements


You should know that Instagram is a high-quality social media network. In which you get to see many features. Using this we can easily grow and boost our Instagram account. But in the case of Instagram engagements, 59% of Instagram users use the Instagram app daily. Developed for mobile and accounts with 1,000-5,000 followers have an engagement rate of 5.6%.




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