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Vastu Tips For Study Room


It is a  known fact and knowledge that Vastu can be a significant resource for success in any field. Vastu once used just to find the position of buildings has quite made its growth by branching out to different areas of interest. One such is Vastu for the studies and Vastu for the study room. Long since the birth of these principles, Vastu has been a source of never-ending harmony in the lives of its followers. For centuries, Vastu has played its role in implementing certain principles that work in favor of the betterment of human beings. A student who wishes to excel in every bit of their exams and study-related areas can now rely on Vastu to achieve their output. How one may ask! Vastu has over time proven that it is of utmost reliability and facts that align with the human mind and mother Earth. For a student to achieve the best academic result, their level best concentration is of higher importance and this can be obtained by following the rules of Vastu Shastra. Keep scrolling to find out what you must implement into your studying positions to achieve greater academic excellence

Significance of Vastu in Studies

Since Vastu is renowned for its broad usage in the areas of architecture, it can be quite amusing as well as confusing even, to wonder how it can be of any help in the areas of studies. Vastu in general is a broad set of principles that can be used anywhere. It solely works in bringing out the positive attributes present in a person through the alignment of the earth and its purpose. Therefore, regardless of the goal, Vastu brings effective results to the firm believers and followers. As in the rea of Studies, Vastu can be of great help to improve concentration level in the student. It works in such a way that the negative energy surrounding the student during the act of studies can be omitted by briefly understanding the perspective through Vastu. This achievement however can only be accumulated through constant and immense belief in the efforts of Vastu. If the student is accomplishing the mentioned, then they can obtain a better concentration level, focus on a particular task, and overall academic success.

Vastu Tips for Study Direction

The direction a student may choose in respect of the Vastu principles can be of great impact in achieving positive outcomes. These said directions that are positively effective in terms of better success are West, East, and North. However, the positions one may choose can vary regarding the choice of studies they are pursuing.

To look into some of it, here are a few directions you may choose to achieve better results according to your studies:
● Place Study Table in East to achieve better success in Political Science.
● The southeast zone is the preferred direction for those pursuing their studies in Accountancy as well as Cosmetics.
● The South of South East (SSE) direction is a favorable one for students in the areas of Physical Education, sports, yoga, etc.
●Choosing the North West direction is a wise choice for Home science students.
● The West direction is useful for students studying accountancy\ and business.
● To get better results in competitive exams, students may make the best use of the North-East direction.

Best Colors for Study Room by Vastu

Every set of colors has its unique energy that can get radiated into the world. Therefore, painting your walls can be of better importance than you may think it has. Regarding study rooms and the most suitable colors, Vastu implies painting your study room shades that are light to radiate positivity and warmth throughout the room, especially on the East and North walls. Some other Vastu tips for the study room are:
● Study rooms occupying the North Zones can be painted shades of Pastel green.
● North East situated zones work best with shades of violet.
● Generally, pastel shades are associated with the wall colors of a study room due to their positive energy radiations.
● Shades such as off-white, ivory, and white are preferably used since they radiate positive energy.
● For study rooms situated in the Eastern zone, pale yellow and off-white colors are the best.

Vastu for Better Focus


When it comes down to achieving the maximum level of concentration on studies, Vastu implies that small aspects can be of great help in helping you achieve success. Some positions you may choose to study in can affect you positively while the others may cost you contrasting results. Hence, you might want to be careful when it comes to picking the direction you may choose for your studies. Vastu hints that the direction you choose to study in and the direction in which your study table is positioned is of great importance regarding the level of concentration you may achieve. Therefore you must look into these aspects to make sure you get the best results in your study field.

Study Table and Significance
The study table is a big detail of great importance in achieving better concentration. Before getting right into the best direction for the study table, it is important to know the significant role of the study table in achieving greater success in students. To point out, students are always advised to position themselves on a chair during studies as a chair helps one build better posture. Bed or floor on the other hand for that matter can be a source of laziness and distraction causing you to abandon your task the middle way. It also causes great body pain that makes it harder for anyone to create an actual level of concentration needed for studies. The study table on the other hand can also be beneficial since it helps you organize your materials effectively. Nonetheless, every bit of activity deserves to be conducted in its own space and therefore studies must be conducted in a space dedicated exactly for its purpose.

Directions for Study Table

● To help gain better concentration levels, Vastu suggests positioning your study table in the direction of North or East
● North is a representation of the progress one can achieve while East represents success, wealth, and growth.
● Vastu advises positioning the books in the North-East direction for success.
● Vastu also suggests leaving a gap of 3 to 4 inches between the study table and wall to allow better transmission of ideas and positivity.
● Some other directions approved by Vastu for placement of the Study table include North-East, South-West, and West of South West (WSW)
Directions for Study Room
Having a study room to conduct your study-related activities is an ideal choice to obtain better success in academics. These are some of the Vastu tips to follow in your study rooms:
● Vastu implies that metal-based tables for study purposes can be harmful as they can put the students in danger of injuries.
● North-East direction is the best position to have a study room since it aligns with the principles put forward by the Vastu Shastra.
● To help gain better concentration, facing the North or East direction while studying is an ideal choice.
● The objects present in the study room must be made of the best quality wood and plastic.
Vastu Tips for Better Academic Efficiency
While the above-mentioned tips can be of great help in your journey towards academic success, we have curated some more useful Vastu tips that may help you elevate the results of the same. To begin with:
● Have a square-shaped or rectangle-shaped study table.
● It is known that having clear quartz on your study table can help you achieve a better focus level. So, try placing clear quartz to elevate your concentration levels.
● You can hang motivational posters or earlier achievements on your wall in positions that are visible while you are sitting. This can give you the kickstart to getting your studies done efficiently.
● It is suggested that there should be kept an open space in front of the table. In situations that are different, make sure there is no door behind your chair.

Make sure to not overcrowd your study space with materials or books. Your study table should be decluttered at all times.

Study Table Directions to Avoid as per Vastu
As there are directions that are beneficial in achieving better focus, some directions can be of negative impact as they may cause a lack of interest in studies. Vastu has pointed out which zones you might want to avoid to make sure your studies are not affected adversely. They are:
● North of North West (NNW), East of North East (ENE), and South Zones are harmful to studying.
● Usually, bathrooms are situated in the western regions of Northwest (WNW), South part of South West (SSW), and East of South East (ESE) regions and these are also to be avoided.


Vastu has become an inevitable part of daily life. As the days progressed we witness the use of Vastu for Health, Vastu for Homes, and even for day-to-day activities. As is the case of Vastu for Studies. Vastu helps in creating better concentration levels in students who aspire to create big in the future. Vastu Consultants around the world help you find the right principles that may help you in finding the direction for your study table and positions. The above tips therefore will help you create a better surrounding to ace in your academic success and find better concentration for your studies.

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