What Is Metaverse, And How Will It Change The Future World?


The technological advancement we are witnessing to date is massive and limitless. When you tell someone in the 17th century that you can talk with someone in some other part of the world through a small screen, literally seeing them, they would’ve laughed. They would have told you it is practically impossible, but nothing is impossible anymore. Today almost everyone, from metropolitan cities to remote villages in the corner of the world, owns a smartphone. This small thing that fits inside our palms makes it possible for us to communicate with people who live on the other half of the planet. Entering inside the digital world and experiencing digital was only possible in movies and science fiction novels. But with Metaverse, everything is becoming close to possible. Metaverse NFT gaming, as a start, is proving this fact to people in every corner of the world.

What is Metaverse, and how is it gaining momentum? What is the buzz around this new tech? Is it even practically possible? Here is everything you should know about this, the growing tech you should be aware of before it is too late.

What is actually Metaverse?

Not knowing anything about Metaverse, it sounds like a term from a science fiction movie or similar to the multiverse concept. It was indeed a word coined in a science fiction novel- Snow Crash, by Neal Stephenson. According to the novel, it is a virtual space where humans and digital avatars can communicate with each other. The book came out in 1992, and 30 years later today, people are getting a glimpse of it already. Tech lovers are already giving an overwhelming response to this technology even though it is still in its infancy. 

Metaverse is a virtual world where you can interact with others in a different physical space through your 3D avatars. It is just like, possessing a three-dimensional body, entering the digital world. You can do everything you do in the real world in this virtual world. Right from shopping, playing games, attending concerts, and working in your office to enjoying movies.

You can do everything with your friends and family in this virtual world, which are countries and time zones away from you. 

The beginning of momentum

The concept of Metaverse is getting the attention it deserves only after Facebook rebranded itself to Meta. The company’s decision to concentrate on the development of this futuristic technology made people look into this new tech. Meta’s Horizon, released in US and Canada, is one of the first to give people a glimpse of this digital realm through a game. You can enter the virtual world of Horizon world with Oculus Quest 2 or Oculus Rift S virtual reality headsets. 

Though Meta took its time to come out with its platform, it is trying to bring a stable and affordable platform for everyone. Like the internet and smartphone today, it is a tech that should reach the masses. According to Mark Zuckerberg, this digital world will reach billions of users around the globe in the next six to ten years. Meta has also recently announced that it would be extending its Horizon world to France and Spain soon. 

Metaverse NFT games

The Gaming industry will be the first to take up any new technology that emerges. In recent times, gaming platforms are coming forward to take up Cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and blockchain actively for their function. In that list, Metaverse is also taking up its place. Metaverse NFT gaming platforms are something that is making people experience the magic of virtual worlds. Games like Decentraland, Sandbox, Roblox, Minecraft, and more are getting up their space in this digital world.

The Future with Metaverse

Though games are the first big thing that went inside Metaverse, there are other instances where this is bringing change. For example, you might have heard of weddings being hosted in this digital world to bring people together from different physical spaces. 

The idea of Accenture’s corporate Metaverse sure did make a change in the development of this technology. Accenture’s Metaverse onboarding for the employees is something that will take up a special place in the overall development process. 

There is also another important advancement in the field of education. Tokyo University has announced that it will soon offer a range of study programs and courses using this interactive technology, opening a huge door to learning opportunities. This Metaverse learning course is designed for students of all levels, from school (including junior high) to higher education. There are also courses for people who want to skill up in their current workplace. 

The bottom line

Metaverse will definitely change the way how we use the internet today. Using powerful technologies like Augmented reality, Virtual reality, artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, and many more, Metaverse is emerging as a next-generation technology that will be the next iteration of the internet. Right now, if you are looking forward to experiencing it, Metaverse games are the only option. There are other small-scale projects going on with Metaverse. Experts are looking forward to bringing out solutions to overcome the challenges faced in bringing it to the masses. With the current technological advancements, that day is not so far.

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