What level of security do you have at home? How can it be improved?

Secure the door

It’s crucial to make sure your deadbolt is functioning when you are away. But it might not be enough to protect the home you live in. LAW Security suggests that you check your door jambs, and fix any wood that’s damaged.

Wood claims that the screws used to join doors are tiny. The screws are replaceable with three-inch screws that can help to strengthen hinges.


Nighttime is when criminals are more likely to be on the lookout. A study from 2021 found that improved lighting could reduce the rate of crime by 21 percent. What’s the reason? It’s easy for burglars to see the lights at the night. the co-owner and co-manager of Survival Response and the former SWAT commander believe that lighting is the most effective strategy to prevent criminals from engaging in criminal acts. “Motion sensors, as well as lights that are stationary within the house are able to detect every movement that occurs during the dark.

Prune the trees

If your landscaping isn’t maintained, thieves could hide behind your windows and doors. Pruning your trees isn’t essential. You may choose to use alternative landscaping choices to deter thieves. Many folks believe in the 2-foot-by-six-foot rule is what they consider to be the best. Hedges and the canopy of trees cannot be more than six feet in height. The landscaping shouldn’t hinder sunlight. Security experts at Protect Now recommend that the landscaping should be placed in the vicinity of windows and doors.

Install an encrypted mailbox.

Criminals have been attracted to packages that are placed on the doorstep of your house. More than 35 million Americans said they’d had packages stolen from their homes in the past twelve years. 36% of respondents have reported several thefts.

The most popular tool is Key by Amazon. Key by Amazon is an example of these tools.

Getting Security Systems

security systems is essential. Security systems are essential.

Cameras that can be seen are essential as well. Recent research has shown an 89% percentage of the population believes in the power of technology can help prevent theft is essential. The smart person recommends buying a new security system that has a motion sensor. This fake camera which is also known as a surveillance camera could be put on the doorways to the rear and front. It’s easy to spot from all angles.

You can get around the

Thieves may find keys hidden beneath the mat or inside the flower pot. We suggest you buy an electronic lock that’s not keyless. Certain models have touchpads that allow keyless entry. Certain models come fitted with fingerprint readers. The scanners block thieves from entering the home’s front door. They also stop thieves from entering your front door, which is secured with an internal door security bar London.

Enhance the windows

The burglar may gain access to your home by unlocking the door by turning the locks. Also, it is possible to apply this anti-penetration coat. The clear coating makes glass shatterproof. The film is resistant to the force of hurricane winds and rocks, in addition to burglaries. The film can be put in professionally or produced by yourself. The sliding windows and sliding doors should have stoppers (also known as Charley bars). They can be easy to remove from most designs once they’ve been put into. They also add an additional layer of protection which will prevent doors from opening according to the manner he described.


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